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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Kate Spade Bracelet From Bicester Village

On one of my recent trips to Bicester Village I visited Kate Spade. I hadn't really heard of Kate Spade until then, but she is a fashion designer from New York and sits alongside brands like Michael Kors, so if you are a fan of MK you should check her collections out.

Kate Spade is mostly known for her handbags, and I loved the ones I saw but I had just bought a handbag that day so I drifted off to the jewellery section.

Her jewellery was so cute with lots of bling (just as I like it) and a lot of it features bows, so when I found this bracelet combining both I was quite excited. I've always loved bows as I think they are girlie but classy at the same time.

This bracelet is gold plated with a magnetic hinge and small clip, and paved with dazzling crystals half way round.

kate spade ny bicester village

kate spade bracelet

The bracelet would normally retail at £65.00 but at Bicester Village it was just £43.00, so I was really chuffed to have purchased such a beautiful piece and save money at the same time :-)

If you like this bracelet and can't get down to Bicester Village you can buy a very similar one for £75 at Selfridges.

kate spade bracelet with bow

kate spade bicester village



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  1. This bracelet is gorgeous! It's a nice find especially with the discount x
    han // emandhan xo


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