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Monday, 23 February 2015

New Vivienne Westwood Pink Handbag From Bicester Village

A few of weeks ago I galavanted off to Bicester for a weekend away. Mainly, so I could visit the shopping outlet; Bicester Village but also so I could have a cheeky spa break at the same time. Two birds with one stone, and all that.

Now, I do have a few weaknesses in life and Mulberry handbags are one of them. If you have read my hugely popular post of my Mulberry handbag I bought at Bicester village you will know what an addict I am, and how hard I find it going into a Mulberry shop and not come out a thousand pound lighter and with a big smile on my face. I have recently bought a Mulberry handbag so I told myself to be sensible and not to buy another one.

Vivienne Westwood pink handbag

vivienne westwood handbag from bicester village

You will be pleased (as well as shocked) to hear that I didn't buy a Mulberry handbag, but instead opted for this divine Vivienne Westwood number.

The name of my blog kinda gives it away, but I am a big sucker for the colour pink. I could clearly justify this handbag to myself..... It was a Vivienne Westwood and I don't already own a Vivienne Westwood bag. It was pink and I don't own a handbag in that shape. Clearly I needed the bag in my life.
vivienne westwood hand bag

vivienne westwood orb logo

To top it all off the bag was an absolute bargain. I mention Bicester Village in a lot of my posts as I buy so much there, but you really do save so much money. This beaut of a bag was only £245. Plus as I stayed at Bicester Hotel Golf & Spa I received an extra 10% off, meaning I got the bag for just £220.50! This pink colour is also used in their current Spring/ Summer collection so looks bang up to date too.

Now for a bit more detail on the bag... Its leather and very sturdy. Some times you can find with bigger bags that they are really heavy before you put anything in them, then once you fill them with all the essentials you can barely pick it up and they leave a big dent in your arm! This one is really light so I don't struggle carrying it for long periods of time.

I love the colour and the simple Vivienne Westwood orb logo on the front. I'm not a fan, when the brand is plastered all over a bag.

It comes with a nice long strap to attach to the bag if you want and has plenty of inside storage - a large zip pocket and 2 slot pockets for items like your phone.

inside vivienne westwood bag

vivienne westwood bag review

I'm really pleased with the bag and as the colour is so striking that I've had lots of comments on it.



  1. What a gorgeous bag, the colour is so pretty and perfect for spring and summer. I love Bicester Village when I lived in the East Midlands I would go at least twice a year, it's an amazing place to bag a few bargains and splurge without the guilt x x

    BTW your bedroom is so pretty!

    Zee | GlitZeeGlam

    1. Thanks Zee I love it too! Luckily Bicester is quite far away from me so it stops me going all the time - I've been twice in 3 months!
      Thank you - it is my haven! x

  2. This bag is gorgeous, Bicester Village is far away from me but must make a trip there sometime!x


    1. Thanks Rebecca. It's far from me too, but if you stay at Bicester Hotel Golf & Spa you get a voucher for 10% off all the shops at Bicester village! They do some really reasonable packages including dinner and spa - lovely if you want to make a weekend of it! x

  3. How gorgeous what a lovely colour. And your room is so pretty too! x


  4. I wish there was an outlet like this near me, I want pretty bargains. This bag is beaut though, I'm not usually a Vivienne Westwood fan but really like the shape of this bag (and colour!) xx

    Tamz | http://www.throughneweyesx.com

    1. It's about a 2.5 hour drive for me Tamzin but its worth it considering how much you save! I'm not usually a fan of hers either as some of her designs (especially her clothes) can be quite 'wacky', but I really love this one! xx


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