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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Happy Birthday To Me

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So without me realising it Devoted To Pink's first birthday has crept up on me... in fact it was a few days ago, so oops, sorry about that!

If I'm honest I'm not quite sure what I'm "meant" to write in this post. I see lots of Bloggers share posts on Twitter about the mile stones their blogs have reached, but apart from the fact that it's a year on and I'm still blogging there isn't much to tell.... I have a few more (lovely) followers on social media, my photography skills have improved (slightly) and I've made some great blogging friends. Same old, same old, really. I was never in this game to leave my job and become a pro-Blogger - I love my own job too much for that. I love taking photos of my outfits and makeup, but I mainly started Devoted To Pink as I wanted to help people make good buying decisions, like other Bloggers have helped me over the years. So instead of writing a post telling you about what I've learned, what I've achieved or how proud I am of my blog, I thought you guys might want to know a bit more about me... The person behind Devoted To Pink;

  1. I'm a Christmas baby - born on Christmas Eve and yes its sucks!
  2. I live very close to Gatwick airport but don't get away enough
  3. I don't like courgettes, the cold or marshmallows
  4. I don't understand text talk - I'm old OK, give me a break!
  5. I have never broken any bone in my body which is surprising bearing in mind how clumsy I am
  6. When I was younger all I knew I wanted to be was a business women with a briefcase (clearly had a love of handbags back then too!)
  7. I hate to cook. Literally hate it.
  8. I have ridiculously large feet and hands - my brother likes to ridicule me for this on a regular basis
  9. I'm a middle child and yes I have the syndrome!
  10. I am so thankful for the life I have and the people in it 

Lastly I do want to do the soppy bit and thank everyone that takes the time to read my blog, follow me, like or comment on my social media - it really does make it worth while. Thanks you guys!

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