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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Beaubronz Fake Tan Review

BeauBronz fake tan review

I'm a self-confessed fake tan addict. It makes me feel slimmer, covers up skin imperfections and generally ensures that I don’t look dead - I give Casper a run for his money without my tan on! I've been fake tanning for about 13 years now and I've probably tried most products on the market. I’m always on the look about for new ones, so when I heard that BeauBronz were going to be at #TheBigBloggerConference I knew straight away that I needed to go and see them! 

BeauBronz is completely organic, not tested on animals and is already a hit with a host of celebrities, so if it's good enough for Lady Gaga, then it’s good enough for me! I met Abi Oleck who is the founder of BeauBronz and she was lovely. After hearing what a fake tan enthusiast I was she was kind enough to gift me with BeauBronz Bronzed GoddessDark Tanning Mousse*, BeauBronz Gradual Tanner*, BeauBronz Hydrating Tan Lotion and tanning mitt*.

Now #TheBigBloggerConference was months ago, so apologies this post is so late but I have been extremely busy, plus I wanted to make sure I gave the products a good try and used them several times before I wrote this post. So here's what I thought......

BeauBronz Bronzed Goddess Dark Tanning Mousse

I always prefer mousses as I find they are easier to apply and soak in quicker than lotions, and this mousse was no exception. The main complaint I hear about fake tan is the smell which is usually likened to biscuits. I get that there is a smell, but never thought it smells of biscuits. Anyway, a huge plus of this product as it doesn’t have that tell tell fake tan smell. The mousse was easy to apply and dried quickly. I slept in it overnight and washed it if in the morning as I usually would and the colour was perfect. I was worried it might not be as dark as I like, as when I have spray tans I usually opt for a product with 10% DHA in it (the product that makes you tan), and this only has 8% in it. Yet despite that I still went a lovely dark colour (for me anyway!). However, my favourite thing about this tan is how long it lasts. It stayed on for at least a week and faded evenly too. Total thumbs up from me.

BeauBronz dark tanning mousse review
LEFT: Before applying the fake tan  RIGHT: After using BeauBronz Dark Tanning Mousse 

BeauBronz Gradual Tanner

I’ve always been a bit sceptical of gradual tanners as it takes me back to my Johnson & Johnson Holiday Skin days which really did have a strong smell. It quite often went patchy and just made me go orange. Not a good look. Well there has clearly been some developments in the fake tan world as the BeauBronz Gradual Tanner does none of the above. Firstly it smells absolutely divine. It has a real holiday smell to it – very tropical. I mixed with my normal moisturiser about one day after I fake tanned, and I must say that it really did extend the length of my tan and give me that little top up that I needed. My skin was also left super smooth so I was very impressed.

BeauBronz Tanning Mitt

This was the only let down of all the products. It has a slight velvet texture to it which felt strange as soon as I touched it, and unfortunately made the fake tan streak. It was so bad that I had to stop using it and switch to my normal mitt as I couldn’t risk it being patchy after it had developed. Maybe it would work better with a lotion but with the mousse it was a no go!

BeauBronz Hydrating Tan Lotion

This product is only meant to be used by professionals so I haven't been able to try it yet and because of that you can't buy it on the BeauBronz website. Abi explained that after you have been spray tanned you then use the spray gun to spray the hydrating lotion all over which seals the tan and moisturises your skin. This sounds like a great idea as I quite often find that fake tan dries my skin out, especially the ones used in salons. So next time I have a spray tan I will be sure to take this along with me - thanks Abi! 

I’ve definitely been converted to BeauBronz and will be stocking up on both the mousse and gradual tanner once mine have run out. I have also spied that they have a new Super Mineral Scrub which you can use to exfoliate your skin before tanning, so I can't wait to try that too!

If you know of any other great fake tan products then please do let me know in the comment box below!



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