A Blondes BEST Friend

Who doesn’t love that just freshly done look as you step out from the salon and have just had your hair highlighted…? But any fellow blondes will understand my pain at trying to keep it that way until the next visit. Literally after one wash that bright white blonde look starts to fade and by the time 6 weeks is up my hair has a strong yellow/ orange tone which I hate….!

I’m constantly searching for new ways to keep my locks blonde and not look like I’ve rubbed fake tan in them! Over the years I have tried so many purple/ silver shampoo’s and none were really good enough to shout about until now…..

I’ve recently tried the combo of A Touch Of Silver Brightening Shampoo and Fudge Hothed Violet mousse. And I must say these two are a winning combo! 

The Touch Of Silver shampoo is a bargain and only cost £2- £3 depending were you buy it. I only brought it as I saw it advertised on TV and as I said I try anything! but I must say this actually works and makes my hair quite soft which was a nice added bonus!

The Fudge Hothed Violet mousse is really soft, almost cream in texture. Its meant to protect your hair from heat styling and have other do good vitamins in it, but I can honestly say that it gives your hair a purple/ grey tinge so really vanishes any yellow tones which I hate. It costs about £9 which isn’t too bad and should last quite some time as you don’t need a lot. Just make sure you blow dry your hair rather than let it dry naturally.

If you have platinum/ light blonde hair like me (check it out on my Instagram page @devotedtopink) and don’t like those yellow tones which are so easy to get then you need to give both these products a go!

Try them and let me know what you think – you won’t be disappointed! #HappyShopping