M.A.C Blankety Lipstick & Staunchly Stylish Lip Liner

MAC Blankety Lipstick & Staunchly Stylish Lip Pencil

I love popping into MAC and discovering new favourites. I always like to see what the staff in the store are wearing and then asking them what products they have used. By doing this I have uncovered some of my favourite MAC must haves!

I saw one of the lovely MAC ladies wear this combo of lipstick and lip liner and just had to have them… Its Blankety Amplified Creme Lipstick & Staunchly Stylish  Pro Longwear Lip Pencil.

These are the sorts of colours that I would never pick out myself and definitely wouldn’t put together… but they work!

The Pro Longwear lip pencil is really smooth, so glides on easily. The make-up artist in MAC told me to colour my whole lip in with it so it holds the lipstick on and so you don’t get that dreadful dark lip liner effect from the 80’s! Then add the creme lipstick on top, all over, and dab it at the edges to blend. It creates a very unusual taupe/ pink/ beige/ plum colour!