Miss KG Saint Brown Boots


If any of you have flipper feet the size of mine (size 9 but I can wear some 8’s) then you will know how hard it is to find some shoes that I like AND that fit me! So when I came across these Miss KG Saint Boots in Kurt Geiger Brighton that not only did they have in a size 8, but they fitted AND I liked them, I just had to have them!

They are the typical Chelsea style in dark brown. I really wanted some tan ankle boots, but you can’t have everything, hey?

They are really comfy, with a small heel. My only complaint is that for £85 I would expect them to be real leather, but they aren’t! Like I said though, if they fit and I like them, then I buy them as it doesn’t happen often!

They really only go with trousers or jeans as they are too chunky to go with dresses/ skirts. I just need to fine some jeans that I can wear over them, rather than tucked in, as I really like that look.

I’ve had a look online and I would say that Kurt Geiger have the best selection of Chelsea boots, so go check them out if you are looking for some this winter.