My Favourite Moisturiser – Le Labo Rose 31

We all have a couple of luxury items that we can’t do with out, well Le Labo Rose 31 is one of mine.

le labo rose 31

I’ve been lucky enough to stay at some beautiful hotels over the past few years and it was my stay at The Savoy in London (which is a MUST by the way if you haven’t been) that introduced me to Le Labo.

Le Labo offer high end luxury fragrances, similar to Jo Malone. Le Labo was born in New York and is still relatively unknown over here compared to its competitors. As far as I know you can only buy it online and in-store at Liberty in the UK.

le lebo liberty

While staying at The Savoy, I had to make use of the samples they had in the bathroom and their samples were of Le Labo’s Rose 31 scent. I fell in love as soon as I used them. What I love about them most is not only the scent, but how it is SO strong and lasts all day.

le labo moisturiser

My staple is the moisturiser (or hand and body lotion as they call it). I use it after I have had a shower and the smell is so intense I don’t even need to use perfume when I wear it. As it’s so expensive I now mix it with another cheaper moisturiser so it lasts longer, but you still get that beautiful smell all day.

They offer a large range of fragrances and their line up also includes perfume, shower gel and candles. If you live in the UK near London I would recommend popping in to Liberty and seeing which scent best suits you.

Now… for the downside…. The moisturiser costs £41.00! Yes, I know that’s a lot, when you can usually pick up a moisturiser for £3, but as I say it is one of my luxury items and I limit myself to one pot a year!

If you are a lover of the likes of Jo Malone I recommend you give it a go!