Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Review

Ok, so I’m sure like me, you have all heard the rave reviews on micellar water. In 2014 it seemed to spread throughout the beauty blogging world and by the end of the year every Beauty Blogger seemed to be rating it as their product of the year. So, of course I had to give it a go…

There are many brands on the market offering micellar water but I opted for Garnier’s Micellar Cleansing Water as it was the main brand that other bloggers were shouting about, plus it was on sale at Superdrug for only £3.32 – bargain!

Micellar water is designed to be applied with a cotton pad then swept away, so no need for rinsing. It uses tiny micelle particles to draw make-up, sebum, dirt, oil and impurities away from the skin. It’s soap and alcohol free so is meant to be kinder to your skin than face wipes.

So the pro’s…. It’s quick, simple and kind the the skin. It was effortless to wipe a pad around my face and it seemed to remove the majority of my make-up. It also made my skin feel quite soft and not at all tight which some face wipes can do.

And the con’s… It wasn’t great at removing mascara, in fact pretty useless. I do wear a lot of heavy make-up, so if you don’t wear much it may work better for you, but I won’t be throwing away my eye make-up remover any time soon! It also doesn’t remove every scrap of make-up so I cleansed with my normal cleanser afterwards.

Conclusion… For only £3 it’s not a bad buy and I will probably use it instead of my face wipes for a pre-cleanse before my normal routine.