Flamingo Candles – New Spring Range*

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I’m currently off work recovering from a knee operation which has meant I’m finally getting round to completing lots of half written blog posts!


With all this time laying around with my legs up, it means I get to actually relax (it’s a rarity) and there is nothing I love more than candles to help me chill out and feel serene. Yes, I’m sure you have heard me say it before, but I’m a candle addict!! In my bedroom alone right now I have 11 candles, plus lots of tea lights! Yet I am still always on the look out for more!

flamingo candles review

flamingo candles spring review, lifestyle blog

I came across Flamingo Candles last year and were so impressed by them I wrote a post on their Strawberries & Champagne candle, which you may have already read. So you can imagine my excitement when they contacted me to tell me about their new Spring range, and were lovely enough to send me two samples –  Raspberry & Salted Caramel and Rose & Marshmallow. In answer to what you are thinking right now, yes they do smell as good as they sound!


The Raspberry & Salted Caramel candle is my favourite and really smells of salted caramel, which I was surprised about as its such a hard scent to get right. Its sweet and creamy and the raspberry is more of a floral smell. I love this scent as it’s so unique and I haven’t smelt anything like it.

flamingo candles raspberry and salted caramel

The Rose & Marshmallow candle looks perfect in my shabby chic French bedroom, as it’s white so it matches all my accessories. This smell is very sugary and sweet and not quite as strong as the salted caramel one, but that’s only because I’m comparing them together. It looks perfect with the pink flamingo on the front – very me!

flamingo candles rose and marshmallow review

The candles are hand poured in the UK, made with soya beans and burn for up to 50 hours which I think is a very long time compared to most candles in their price range.


So if like me, you like your candles and want something a bit quirky for your interior I highly recommend them!