Freederm Fast Track Spot Gel Review

I may be in my 30’s (I still hate saying that!) but I still suffer with spots/ pimples/ eruptions – whatever you want to call them! They always come up at the most inappropriate times and just don’t consider my social life at all! However saying that, generally my skin is a lot better since I’ve been using Manuka Doctor Blemish Cream, but when the odd spot rears its ugly head then I have the solution…. Freederm Fast Track.

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how to get rid out spots, freederm spot gel review

I’ve been using Freederm Fast Track spot get for years now and it really does help combat spots quickly. Once applied to a spot I can see a difference within half a day. If I apply it morning and evening, the next day its dramatically reduced. Add in the wonders of make-up and it can practically disappear!  This product is in my staple skincare regime, and I would never go away without it.

It costs around £3 and can be purchased at most large supermarkets, drug stores and on-line.