Real Techniques Bold Metals 301 Flat Contour Brush Review

Real Techniques Bold Metals 301 Flat Contour Brush Review

Real Techniques Bold Metals 301 Flat Contour Brush Review

Real Techniques Bold Metals 301 Flat Contour Brush Review by Beauty Blogger

Real Techniques Bold Metals 301 Flat Contour Brush Review, Beauty Blog

Real Techniques Bold Metals 301 Flat Contour Brush

When Real Techniques announced their new Bold Metals collection I think every Beauty Blogger and make-up enthusiast was practically drooling. With their beautiful shiny metallic colours in gold, silver and rose gold we all knew they would look beautiful on anyone’s dressing table. The original Real Techniques collection had such a fantastic reputation that we all held out a lot of hope that not only would they look pretty, but would also be the holy grail of make-up brushes.

However…. Once launched and everyone started getting their hands on them, the reviews I read weren’t that great. One of the first reviews I read was from Kayleigh on her Blog; Couture Girl. I adore Kayleigh and rate her opinion very highly. She didn’t think the brushes lived up to all the hype and preferred the originals. However saying that, she was only reviewing the 101 Triangle Foundation brush and 201 Pointed Crease brush and points out that other brushes in the collection may be better. As I read more and more Bloggers reviews it seemed that the brush that was favoured out of the collection was the 301 Flat Contour Brush. As I have recently got into contouring I was after a contouring brush anyway, so decided to give it go and kept my fingers crossed that I wouldn’t be let down.

When it arrived I definitely wasn’t disappointed with the look. It’s as beautiful as you see in all the photos. A stunning rose gold colour which is very shiny and glossy. I’m not quite sure how long it will stay that way – as soon as I picked it up it got finger marks on which really annoyed me with my OCD tendencies! I’m also not sure of the longevity of this finish after its been washed and used every day. I’m really hoping it doesn’t all fade off like a cheap necklace, only time will tell….

It’s weighted at the brush end which took some time getting used to, but I can’t say it helped or hindered the application. The bristles are very dense and picked up a lot of product as soon as I dabbed it in the bronzer, so be careful the first time you use it not to go crazy! 

I must say that overall I was very happy with the 301 Flat Contour brush. It was soft, fantastic at blending, and did very well at giving that hard contouring line just under the cheek bone. It’s the perfect size for contouring, and I even found I could use it for the sections either side the bridge of my nose.

As you have probably already heard the only downside is the price… I paid £22 for this brush from Boots, add on the delivery charges and it cost a whooping £25.50! I don’t mind paying a lot for a brush if it lasts well, but unfortunately no one can comment on that yet as the collection is so new. Overall I’m happy with the brush, but I do hope that Real Techniques listen to all the feedback they have received and if possible their next collection is just as pretty, but slightly more affordable.

If you have tried any of the other brushes I would love to hear your thoughts!