Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover

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Hey Lovelies,

I’ve had a bit of time off Blogging recently as my life has been crazy hectic – mainly socially. You know what they say though, “life is for living” so I find it hard to turn down any invite sent my way. Although I may sometimes moan about this, I wouldn’t have it any other way as I feel truly blessed to be fortunate enough to be in this situation.

On top of this I have kind of lost my Blogging mojo… I feel like I’ve lacked creatively and direction, and have been thinking of ways to showcase more of my personality on my Blog. To date my posts have mainly been on items I have purchased and reviews, so this time I have decided to let you into my thoughts a bit more and do a post very close to my heart…..

So my post today is about not judging a book by its cover…. Those of you who follow me on social media will know I’m very much a girly girl and I make no attempts to cover it up. I love dresses, high heels, make-up, anything glitzy, and the colour pink. That is me! It’s what I like, and I dress like that all the time – at work, weekends, seeing a friend or just going down to the supermarket. Over the years I’ve had insecurities about it, I’ve had boyfriends try to change me, but now I embrace it. I feel truly myself when I’m all dressed up. On top of this, I’m blonde, with a curvy figure and a pretty ample chest. All of this means that on first impressions I’m often thought of as an airhead, a Barbie or a blonde bimbo – ultimately someone who only cares about what they look like and has nothing going on upstairs.

During my career I’ve been ignored in meetings, told I was employed for my looks (this wasn’t true by the way!) and been talked about behind my back, all because of the way I look. When I’m out in a bar and I tell men what I do for a living I get the reply “Oh! really…!” (in a very shocked voice), and I’m afraid to say it is mainly men that have preconceptions of me. Although I’m sure women do too, but they are just better at hiding it! Dating sites are the worst place to be judged. I recently had a man message me on a dating site to say, and I quote ” You think you’re intellectual? I’ll wipe the floor with you every day of the week. If you honestly think you’re smart…. what a joke!” He had never net me – just saw some photos and a short bio  and came up with that conclusion. Nice. By the way I’ve corrected some of his grammar here in my post which is pretty ironic…… But yes, as you can see people judge me purely what they see on the outside.

But the reality of it is far from what people think… I’m no Einstein and I’m not about to go on Mastermind, but I’m definitely no airhead. My full time job is Head of Marketing & Business Development. I’m not going to display my full CV in this post but I’ve worked hard to be in the position I am today. Marketing is a tough, cut throat industry with lots of competition so I certainly haven’t got to where I have through my looks or by luck. I’m also a qualified Interior Designer, plus I am now in a position where people approach me to do freelance Marketing work for them because of my experience and knowledge in my field.

At times I’ve been really frustrated by this. I’m a career driven woman and I want to be taken seriously for my achievements, but I also like proving people wrong….. Now, rather than get annoyed for being judged I actually get satisfaction out of showing people the real me, and turning their opinions round. I love doing a presentation, or talking to someone about business or marketing and watching the smile on their face appear. I suppose its a case of under promise and over delivering.

So next time you see a homeless person and assume they are a drunk, or see an overweight girl and think she must be eating too much, stop and think for a moment…. Sometimes the way you think about a person, isn’t always the way they actually are…. And for all of you out there who get judged – go prove them wrong! 🙂

dont judge a book by its cover
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