Hot Hair Bloggers Event

I have been so busy and getting easily distracted recently that I haven’t blogged in a couple of weeks. Take today for example…. I’ve sat here with the laptop in front of me for over an hour and all I’ve done is check social media a thousand times and look for holiday clothes on my phone and iPad! Couple that with going out practically every night for 2 weeks and it means I’ve not been a very good Blogger. Naughty me. Oh well… I’ve always said that Blogging is a passion and hobby, and I never want to feel pressurised into creating posts, otherwise it becomes a chore or even worse – it will feel like another job. So I’m not going to beat myself up about not posting for a couple of weeks….

Hot Hair Bloggers Event - My first bloggers event

Moving on…. I’ve known this is a post I’ve wanted to write about for some time as on the 26th March I attended my first ever Bloggers event. It was very exciting for me, and as it was my first one I wanted to let everyone know what I experienced, in case there are any newbie Bloggers like me, who are yet to attend one.


I was kindly invited to the Hot Hair Bloggers event at The Renaissance Hotel at St Pancreas station, London. Like I say I had not attended one before so I was really excited to meet some fellow Bloggers. I have recently teamed up with the gorgeous Jenny at Dream in Pink (go check her out – she is fab) so it was my first time meeting her – which was great as it meant we could meet up outside so we didn’t have to go in on our own! Once in the hotel we walked up to a lady with a clipboard and gave our names. She didn’t seem to have our names on the list and looked a tad confused, but still continued to usher us in and point us in the direction of where to go. The room was gorgeous… candles, flowers and champagne on arrival. Perfect! I straight away got my camera out and started snapping – that’s the done thing at Bloggers events, right? Well I thought it was, but no one else was doing the same. Jenny then got a call from the lovely Lauren at Blonde Vision (who I was also looking forward to meeting) who was outside, so Jenny went outside to meet her, while I stayed indoors. I continued to drink champagne, take in the beautiful surroundings and eat lots of the gorgeous canapes that were being bought round. Next thing I know Jenny walks back in on her own laughing and telling me we had to leave! I was very confused! “Leave? Why?” . “We need to leave now” she said…. Yes, you guessed it… We were gate crashing a wedding event! That may be why everyone was looking at me while I was taking photos of everything! You have to laugh….

Renaissance hotel st pancreas


Meeting new bloggers at Hot Hair bloggers event

After we got over the embarrassment of nicking other peoples champagne and canapes we met Lauren and ended up at the right event – horray! We were still in a lovely room, but further down the corridor. Hot Hair who were hosting the event offer a huge range of hair pieces, extensions and wigs which were displayed all over the room. They had lots of lovely assistants helping us try on different styles and colours to make sure we got the correct match and style we wanted. There was also plenty of wine and canapes to keep us going as we had all pretty much come from work.

hot hair high pony tail hair piece
Trying on the Hot Hair High Boho Pony Tail


hot hair bloggers event
The Hot Hair stylist at work!

During the event they held a competition to win some fab goodies, but best of all I got to meet and chat to loads of other girls who do the same as me. Some had been blogging for years, and others just months like me. It was so much fun, and everyone was really friendly.

Back to the hair pieces… I opted for the high pony tail as you can wear it as a pony tail or in a bun and I love the big bun on top look. The hair is synthetic (although they also do offer real hair pieces) but you wouldn’t have known. Everyone that tried one on looked fantastic and they can all be applied securely with the clips provided, and some hair grips if needed.

I left that evening with some stylishly thick hair and a jam packed goody bag. Thank you so much to Hair Hair and all the sponsors for a great time! Can’t wait for the next one…. 🙂

If you are looking for some affordable hair pieces I definitely recommend checking Hot Hair out.

P.s Apologies for the poor quality of some of these photos – the lighting was hard to work with!

hot hair hair extensions


hot hair bloggers event