Unique Freak – Temporary Metallic Tattoos

unique freak temporary tattoos, metallic tattoos review

unique freak temporary tattoos, metallic tattoos review

Ever since Queen Bee was spotted wearing some metallic tattoos on her holiday to Italy last year I have been dying to try them out. I’m going on holiday to Dubai in a few weeks and thought it would be the perfect place to wear them – either poolside in a bikini, or to add some sparkle to some evening attire.

I purchased mine from Unique Freak Tattoos and I choose the “Ibiza” sheet. Each sheet has a different mixture of patterns, designs and logos that you can mix and match to get the right look for you.

I wanted to try them out before I went to Dubai so I can one, get the hang of applying them, and two, see how long they last.

They couldn’t be easier to apply…. Make sure your skin is clean and dry, cut out the design you want, place it on your body, wet, leave for 20 seconds and voilà there you have it, all done!

I loved the designs of these tattoos, but unfortunately they don’t last long. I’ve worn them twice now. I’ve applied them in the evening for a night out and by the next day they have half rubbed off, so I don’t think they will last long on holiday when you add in sun cream and chlorine from the swimming pool! However I loved them so much and had so many compliments (from men mainly, believe it or not!) that I still want to get the full 4 sheet pack for my hols.

Have any of you tried temporary tattoos? Can you recommend any others to me?