Personalised Wrapping Paper By

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I’m a huge fan of Instagram so when contacted me and asked if they could send me some personalised wrapping paper* using my Instagram photos I was super excited! I mean, who wouldn’t want wrapping paper with my face all over it!? 😉

Their website is so easy to use – you hand pick photos from your Instagram or Facebook accounts, or just upload them from your computer. Once the images are uploaded you can shuffle them around until you have your desired layout and then preview what the paper will look like online! Prices start at £4.99 for a single sheet or you can go up to a roll of wrapping paper for £14.99.  It’s pricey for some wrapping paper but not only is it 100% personalised, its really good quality paper too – so you won’t find ripping a problem. Totally worth it for a special occasion.

I’ve used my wrapping paper to cover a note book which I’m going to use to plan blog posts, and keep by my bed for when I think of great ideas in the middle of the night!

Check out their Instagram feed for inspiration as they have some amazing ways of how to use the paper, and ideas for the sort of photos and images you can use.

 Thank you so much to!