Manuka Doctor Anti-Cellulite Bronzing Gel Review

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dr manuka anti-cellulite bronzing gel review

If there are two things I hate about my legs it’s that they are pastier than Casper and covered in cellulite. OK, so covered may be a slight exaggeration, but its pretty bad, OK! When the summer months are looming the thought of having to wear shorts and bikinis sends sheer dread through me {Insert horrified looking emjoi here}. Can you then imagine my delight when in my Twitter feed I read about the Manuka Doctor Anti-Cellulite Bronzing Gel* – it was like my prayers had been answered in a shape of a tube!

I’m already a fan of Manuka Doctor’s Blemish Cream which literally works miracles, so I had high hopes when the bronzing gel arrived. As a self confessed fake tan Princess I exfoliated first and then applied the gel. The gel is brown in colour which I always like as you can then see where you are applying it, so you don’t miss any patches. When you first rub it on it feels very smooth, but you need to work quickly with it as quickly gets tacky and is then harder to blend.

I left the gel on while I was at a BBQ as I didn’t have time to tan the night before like I usually do. What I liked about this tanning product was that it doesn’t have that usual fake tan smell, which I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of in the past! As it develops it doesn’t go so brown that you look like you’ve been dipped in chocolate (aka my Friday night tanning look!). I usually use Lauren Way’s Darker Than Dark mousse so I’m used to going super brown, which you can’t possibly go out in. However, this product is a lot lighter and more natural so it wasn’t an issue wearing it while I was out.

I’ve tried a lot of anti-cellulite creams (as I said, I’m covered in cellulite) and they usually say that you must use the product every day for at least 3 -4 weeks to notice any difference. So I was surprised when this product didn’t male that claim. Dr Manuka’s claim is that it will “Help reduce the appearance of cellulite” rather than what I really want to hear is “We work miracles and can get rid of your cellulite”, oh well you can’t have it all can you!? Unfortunately I didn’t notice any reduction of the appearance of cellulite above and beyond what any other fake tan would do. We all know that fake tan is great at covering up those imperfections, and I would say that Manuka Doctor Anti-Cellulite Bronzing Gel does that as much as any of the other fake tan products I’ve tried.

Once the gel had soaked in (it’s tacky for about an hour) my skin did feel smoother and I liked the natural look of this tan especially for a day look. The Anti-Cellulite Bronzing Gel also contains purified bee venom which is known for its skin benefits, and is meant to help with skins elasticity and improve firmness.

So if you want a natural looking tan that will help your skin feel smoother then I would recommend giving this a go. As an added bonus it’s currently on sale for only £14.99 (usually £ 24.99) on the Manuka Doctor website!

Manuka Doctor offer a range of products, all of which have different benefits. Now I’m getting on a bit I really want to try their Api-Refine range which helps give you brighter, firmer and younger looking skin – how amazing does that sound!?