12 Things Men Shouldn’t Do On Dating Sites

I’ve been online dating for a while now and I think it’s gradually putting me off men more and more. In fact some times I literally lose the will to live when I  press click and read some of the messages I receive. I’m getting so annoyed with multiple men doing the same things time and time again, that I’ve gone on a little rant to tell you men out there 12 things that you should not do when online dating…..

1. Please stop with the selfies in the bathroom with your top off, trying to flex. It’s not attractive even if you have a good bod. And those tighty whities do you no favours.

2. It’s you’re hot, not your hot. Poor grammar is the biggest turn off ever. I’m only asking for the grammar of a 10 year old. That’s not a lot to ask is it?

3. Lose the photos of you doing adrenaline sports like jumping out of a plane or skiing – I can’t see your body or your face, so I don’t care.

4. Don’t message me when you live 50 miles away! Why do guys do this? I barely have time to see my friends who live 10 minutes down the road, so do you think I can drive 50 miles 3 times a week to see you? The answer is no.

5. If you message me and I don’t reply, don’t keep messaging me. It won’t work. You will get pity and that’s about it.

6. Photos of your animals are not OK. I’m looking for a human not a cat, so lose the pet pics.

7. Don’t use photos of you surrounded by bikini clad girls. One word springs to mind; Player.

8. Please don’t ask me “So have you had much luck on here?” What do you think? I’m still on here, so obviously not! Its the most infuriating question, along with “how has your day been?”.

9. Don’t cut and paste messages. We can spot them a mile off, I promise.

10. When you see me out don’t ask if I’m on POF! Its awkward. Just come and chat and start from scratch. Definitely don’t say “I messaged you on POF 3 times, why didn’t you reply?”. Yes this has actually happened to me at least twice. Total cringe.

11. Don’t give me your phone number and ask for mine in the first message. It makes you look either desperate or stalker like.

12. One selfie ok, seven selfies not OK. Do you not have any friends?!

Phew! I’m glad I got that all off my chest.