Clarins Instantly Smooth Perfecting Touch Primer Review

clarins instantly smooth perfecting touch primer review, beauty blogger

clarins instantly smooth perfecting touch primer review, beauty blogger

clarins primer review, beauty blogger

I’ve been using MAC’s radiant primer for a while now, but if I’m honest I’m not really sure why as I don’t think it made any difference – It just became part of my makeup routine so I just carried on using it.

As I’ve got older my skin has become more uneven, pores larger but worst of all wrinkles have appeared…. Now to be fair they aren’t that noticeable when I don’t wear makeup, but once I’ve applied makeup the foundation and powder sinks into the wrinkles and creases around my eye and really highlight them. My options were to one, not wear makeup (never going to happen), or two find something to iron the buggers out, as they are only minimal.

So, I did what every Beauty Blogger does and scours the Internet and blogs to see what people were raving about. This is when I read up about Clarins Instantly Smooth Perfecting Touch primer. I also had a few tweets saying it was a good buy, so I thought I would give it a go.

Clarins Instantly Smooth Perfecting Touch primer comes in a small red tub, a lot smaller than I would have imagined for £26 but a little goes a long way. I was so excited to try this as other bloggers had specifically said it was good for wrinkles and Clarins themselves say it “smooths away the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores”. I’ve used the product about 12 times now and I can 100% say it does absolutely nothing. Yes, I was gutted. I even thought to myself that maybe it is doing something but as its so minimal that I couldn’t notice it, so I have on various occasions only used it on half my face to see if it helps my makeup stay on longer or anything else… But nope. For me this product didn’t work. It did not make my pores smaller, did not get rid of said wrinkles, didn’t make my makeup last any longer and definitely did not instantly smooth and perfect my skin!

I do know that every ones skin is very different so just because it didn’t work for me, doesn’t mean it might not for you. But this does mean I am still on the hunt for a primer that will help with wrinkles….. any suggestions would be much appreciated! 🙂