New Mulberry Laptop Bag

Mulberry Henry Laptop Bag, Fashion Blogger

Mulberry Henry Laptop Bag for women, Fashion Blogger

So I’m sure a lot of you are aware of my Mulberry addiction, and you may have read my previous post on one of my other Mulberry bags I have purchased in the past. So it should come at no surprise that when I recently found myself in the position of needing a new laptop bag that I opted for a Mulberry one!

Firstly can I just say that I think its so sexist that a lot of brands market their laptop bags to men ONLY! We are in a world of equality where women are professionals and use laptops just as much as men, so it infuriates me that the laptop bag section is only featured on the ‘men’ section of the website and only pictured being held by men! Anyway that is my rant over…

I scoured the Internet for what seemed like months, but in reality was only days, to try and find the perfect laptop bag for me. The only one that I came close to liking was one in Aspinal of London but it was a lot of money for what it was.

I’ve bought a bag from the Mulberry store at Bicester village before so I decided to give them a call and see what they had in stock (as they are hugely discounted) before I took the 2.5 hour drive there. Unfortunately when I called they didn’t have any laptop bags in stock but told me to call their other Mulberry outlet store in Somerset, as it was a lot bigger and they did mail order! I rang them and they were so helpful and actually sent me photos of 3 laptop bags they currently had in stock. Annoyingly only two of them fitted my laptop, so I opted for the Mulberry “Henry” laptop bag… As I say they market all their laptop bags to men – hence the male name!

Mulberry Henry Laptop Bag for women, Fashion Blogger

Mulberry Henry Laptop Bag, Fashion Blogger

The Mulberry “Henry” is in Mulberry’s signature mole colour that they use on all their luggage. Its nylon in texture and has a padded insert, perfect to slip the laptop into. Its very specious inside so it fits my 15.6 inch laptop, charger, notepad, pen, purse and phone, meaning I don’t have to take another handbag if I don’t want to.

I must say its the first time I have bought such an expensive bag without seeing it in person so I asked the girl on the phone to describe every bit to me and give me the dimensions, but when it arrived I couldn’t have been happier. Postage cost £7.50 for next day delivery and it arrives in the big Mulberry  bag you would expect to receive when you purchase in-store.

So the motto of this post is that even if you don’t live near a Mulberry outlet store do give them a call as they are so helpful and it will save you so much money, especially if you know what you are after.