What It’s Like To Have A Christmas Birthday

christmas birthday
Image credit: Pinterest

When I tell people that my Birthday is on Christmas Eve they usually reply with “Wow! that must be so much fun”! Well let me tell you it’s not… Now unless you have a Christmas/ December Birthday you probably won’t get any of this, and I’m going to sound like the Grinch that stole Christmas, but if you have a Birthday around this time then this is for you….! Here’s what its like to have a Christmas Birthday:

  • Your Birthday presents are wrapped up in Christmas wrapping paper
  • You have to wait a whole year for any presents!
  • Your Birthday gets forgotten 
  • You never get to have a party on your actual Birthday!
  • People try and palm you off with one present and claim to have spent more money on it
  • You never get greeted with “Happy Birthday” on your Birthday, but only “Merry Christmas”
  • Everyone is too busy with parties, kids, family or other Christmas chores to come out for your Birthday
  • When visiting a restaurant you’re stuck with the Christmas menu and given Christmas party hats and crackers 
  • Ultimately, your birthday doesn’t feel like a Birthday
  • You slightly resent Christmas…