Heaven Silver Bee Venom Mask Review

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As a blogger in her *cough *cough 30’s I’m forever on the look out for beauty products to slow down the ageing process or even better, revert my skin back 10 years to when it had less (in fact, no) wrinkles without the use of surgery. Many products make claims to ‘reduce the visible signs of ageing’ but I’ve never found one that works or make the slightest bit of difference. So when I met Deborah Mitchell, the founder of Heaven skincare and she made the bold claim of “You won’t need botox if you use my products” I was intrigued. I mean, that’s a pretty big claim to make…..

I met Deborah at the #BigBloggerConference last year in London and I have so much admiration for her. Deborah has not only set up her own successful skincare range (which she invented and made herself), but she now has a range of salons offering Heaven treatments, selling Heaven products and she treats the rich and famous such as Simon Cowell and The Duchess of Cornwall. It’s a pretty impressive CV!

Deborah was kind enough to give me a few samples to try including Deborah’s signature product the Heaven Silver Bee Venom Mask*. The mask is completely organic and contains bee venom which claims to have an immediate lifting, tightening and firming effect, whilst getting to work on frown lines and wrinkles. You can use the Silver Bee Venom Mask either as a mask – apply a thick layer and remove after 20 minutes, or you can apply a thin layer under your moisturiser and wear it all day.

Now for the results….. I would like to I think I’m a good case study for this product as I’m old enough to have quite a few fine lines around my eyes, and I made sure I used this product every day until I had used the whole pot in order to give it a fair trial. Well, what can I say…. I absolutely love this product!! The texture of the Silver Bee Venom Mask feels something between a serum and a moisturiser so it’s lovely and soft when you apply it to the skin. I have very, very sensitive skin so I was concerned about the bee’s sting being too harsh and causing a reaction, but it was absolutely fine and I had no problems or reactions at all. Best of all though, I did find that my skins overall texture and complexion looked better and the skin around my eyes was tighter.

I am now a huge fan of Heaven skincare and can’t wait to try some more of their products including the Black Bee Venom Mask which is even more potent and contains a quarter of the rare bee venom –  – I’m already dreaming about how young I could look after using that!

Heaven’s Silver Bee Venom Mask starts at £7.50 for a 5ml version so you can try the product. I used the 30ml pot which costs £55 and I would say lasted about a month. It may not be cheap, but its certainly cheaper and better for you than botox!