Pink Burberry Clutch Handbag

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I would never say that Burberry was a brand I have ever been interested in, mainly because it was branded ‘chavvy’ about 10 or so years ago with the likes of Daniella Westbrook wearing a full ensemble of the Burberry check print, including a Burberry tartan pushchair – Google it, its hideous! Burberry have however, invested a lot in marketing (including a cute 12 year old Beckham) to turn their brand around and it is now back as a firm favourite amongst the rich and famous.

On my recent trip to Westfield shopping centre (in Shepherds Bush) I was strolling through their designer village, which is to die for if you haven’t been – they have the most sought after brands and some great champagne bars to stop off at on the way when all the shopping becomes a little too much… Anyway I walked past Burberry and spied this beautiful handbag…

Burberry clutch handbag, fashion blog

pink Burberry clutch handbag, fashion blogger  

For me its the perfect size. Its what I would describe as a very large clutch handbag. In fact you can take the straps off so it becomes a clutch bag, but I prefer it with the straps to carry over my shoulder. It has enough room to carry my large purse, diary, small umbrella, tissues, lippy and phone. Any bigger and my arm gets weighed down and I end up shoving all sorts of things in there!

I’m really impressed with the quality of leather and yes the texture is of the Burberry print, but I don’t think anyone will notice! Its in a dark fuchsia pink colour so it’s very me. Luckily this colour was in the sale (result!) but there are some other gorgeous colours of this same Burberry handbag online which you can view here. I love dark plum colour they have this season too!

After browsing their store I can now say that Burberry do have some amazing handbags. I would stay away from anything that has the Burberry tartan print on it, but apart from that they are a new fav and I will definitely be stopping by again.