Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Shadows & Liquid Lipsticks Review (with swatches)

Anastasia Beverley Hills Eye Shadows & Liquid Lipsticks Review with swatches

I’ve been a fan of Anastasia Beverly Hills ever since I tried their contouring palette I received at Christmas in 2014. Since then, along with their range of products the brand’s following has grown and I must say very deservedly. Unfortunately though, if you live in the UK you can’t access the full range without ordering the products on a US website – which of course means paying loads in shipping, waiting weeks for it to arrive and then paying customs a small fortune when it gets here! So on my recent trip to Miami I knew I had to pick up some Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks and eye shadows that you cant get here in the UK.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow

I purchased 4 Anastasia Beverley Hills individual eye shadows, as Macy’s were doing a deal which meant if you bought 4 you got them for $40 (rather than $48) and you received a cute free palette (pictured) to go with them. The 4 eye shadow shades I purchased were:

  • China Rose
  • Pink Champagne
  • Soft Gold
  • Dusty Rose

You can see close ups and swatches of each shade below.

As a MAC addict I always have it in the back of my mind that no product will live up to that of MAC. Well, I have totally got that wrong! These are as good, if not better than MAC! The colours are soft, easy to blend but also highly pigmented. Is hard to choose, but I would say Pink Champagne is my favourite as I have never seen a colour like it before and goes really well with my blue eyes. Its a beautiful shimmery pink shade with lots of sparkle, and not at all flaky like you find with some glitter eye shadows. I love pairing it with the matte shade Dusty Rose to add some depth in the crease of my eye. Hands down, you can’t fault these eye shadows and I will definitely be purchasing some more.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks

I love a good lipstick but I must admit I’ve not tried a liquid lipstick for so long, mainly because I’m not a fan of matte lipsticks as I find them too drying for my lips. Strangely Anastasia Beverly Hills don’t make any traditional lipsticks – only liquid lipsticks and lip glosses, so without being able to opt for a ‘normal’ lipstick I thought I would be brave a try a liquid one.

These lipsticks have taken a bit of time to get used to but now I’m familiar with the texture and application process, I love them. I use the wand to fill in most of my lips but I find it doesn’t give enough definition around the edges, so I then use a small lipstick brush to smooth out the line of the lips and make them even. The formula feels smooth and wet when applied, but goes dry after about 30 seconds. As for the drying effect, they of course are dryer than a creme or satin lipstick , but not so dry that my lips chap. Because these liquid lipsticks are so matte the staying power is extreme! I always take the lipstick with me in my handbag but I have never had to touch it up – even when I’ve gone for dinner! My favourite is definitely American Doll as I’m a red lips kinda girl at heart and I find it suits me. I like Carina but it is very bright and I feel showcases my dry lips a bit more than American Doll.

I also love that these lipsticks come in a transparent bottle with a metallic lid. One, because its easy to see which colour I’m picking up and secondly because it looks so pretty. As much as I love MAC their all black packaging doesn’t sit well on my pretty vintage dressing table! 😉

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Have you tried Anastasia Beverly Hills? Are there any shades you recommend I should try?