GlitterEyes Mocha Shine Vs Inglot Pure Pigment 119 Review & Swatches

GlitterEyes Mocha Shine and Inglot Pure Pigment 119 Review & Swatches

Like most makeup addicts I’m a sucker for some sparkle and I’m seeing more and more makeup brands launch glitter ranges to use on your eyes. Since I started writing this post I’ve already seen some more glitter products from Lit Cosmetics, MAC and Sleek Makeup that I want to try. For now I have reviewed GlitterEyes Mocha Shine glitter kit and Inglot’s AMC Pure Pigment in 119. Although a pigment and glitter are different products I purchased/ received (one was a present) at the same time so I thought it would be good to do a joint review.

Inglot AMC Pure Pigment in shade 119

From: or any Inglot store
Costs: £16 for the pigment and £8 for Duraline (sold separately)

Inglot AMC Pure Pigment in 119 is a highly concentrated loose powder that is a sparkly bronze colour with pink undertones to it. I’ve not used a pigment before and it takes a bit of getting used to as they are so versatile and can be used in many ways….. You can use them as eye shadows, eye liners, to add sparkle to your lip gloss or even in your nail varnish!

You can use the pigment dry, but I was recommended to use it with Duraline by the ladies in the Inglot store so all the swatches you see here are of it wet used with that product. Duraline can be used with pigment or lipsticks (haven’t tried this yet!) to intensify the colour, make it water resistant, easy to blend and give it staying power. Once the pigment is applied with Duraline the colour changes quite dramatically to a beautiful shimmery bronzy/ pink shade (is bronzy a word…?!).

The pigment has a smooth application and blends well with other eye shadows, which meant I could create a pretty brown/ red smokey eye look. It has a quite a foliey (again, is that a word!?  You know what I mean!) and texturised effect, but it is very rich and highly saturated, so you don’t get a patchy or uneven colour. Be careful not to apply too many layers or too thickly as otherwise it can make it look bubbly and flaky.

With the Duraline there was absolutely no fall out of this product at all and likewise has excellent staying power.

What I absolutely love about this product (and pigments in general) is how intense the colour is and how multi-functional it is. I’m sure there will be some more added to my collection soon…

Inglot AMC Pure Pigment in shade 119

GlitterEyes in shade Mocha Shine

What you get: Glitter pot, adhesive, an applicator brush and excess duster brush
From: or you can buy it on
Costs: £9.99

Do you remember when you were in play school and given tubes of glitter to play with? Well GlitterEyes is like that…. Its like opening up a door to glitter heaven.. 100% pure glitter in a pot! If you like sparkle and want that “Wow” affect then this is the product for you!

GlitterEyes is basically tiny chucks of glitter that uses adhesive to stick to your eyes, so it does mean that the product isn’t as blendable as the Inglot pigment. Don’t get it confused with any of the Barry M glitter pots – they are a powdery form of fine milled glitter, a loose eye shadow really. Where as, Glitter Eyes is not at all powdery – just glitter! Due to the nature of glitter there is some fallout of this product even with the use of the adhesive, but not enough for it to be a big issue.

I would say the only thing that lets GlitterEyes down is its packaging. I think it looks cheap and something you would see on a market stool – especially their logo. Like most beauty bloggers I take pride in my dressing table and like my makeup on display to look beautiful. It also helps draw me in if I see some gorgeous packaging, but this packaging is letting a good product down which is a shame. Their website is also hard to navigate and doesn’t have enough swatches of each shade to give you a clear idea of the colour. As a full time marketer my life is spent looking at websites and how to improve them, so I am probably being a harsher critic that most….If you visit their Instagram page though, they do have lots of swatches and videos of their glitters so take a look if you’re interested.

GlitterEyes have also just launched some new pressed glitter which look amazing which I would love to try!

GlitterEyes in shade Mocha Shine

swatches of glittereyes mocha shine and Inglot pigment in 119
Swatches in sun light
swatches of glitter eyes and inglot pigment, beauty blog
Swatches not in sun light


It’s a tough one as both products although are sparkly, give very different effects and I love them both. However if pushed I would have to choose GlitterEyes as it is extremely sparkly and good value for money compared to the Inglot products. Please don’t let that put you off Inglot though as they do such a wide range and can be used in so many ways.

Right, I’m off on the hunt for more glitter products….If I buy some more glitters would anyone be interested to see swatches?


P.s If you want to see these glitters applied to my face be sure to follow me on Instagram so you can see my makeup looks using them 🙂