Niod Photography Fluid Review

Niod Photography fluid, review

I’ve talked about my love of Snapchat in previous posts, but it was on there that I discovered the Niod Photography FluidStacey spoke about it many times in her snaps and then subsequently wrote a rave review about the stuff that I decided to give it a go. Since then I’ve read a few more reviews on the wonder serum and they have all been really positive, but I’ve got to say I’ve had a love/ hate relationship with this stuff, until I finally managed to get the hang of using it.

So let’s start off with what the Niod Photography Fluid is designed to do…

Niod Photography Fluid lists a ton of benefits on its website but its main features are that its full of ultra fine light reflective prisms which create even skin tone while blurring any visible lines and pores. Not to mention giving radiant skin which is perfect for the selfie lovers amongst us.

The serum is a fairly thick white substance with a yellow/ gold tinge to it – which is why it’s great at balancing out any small amounts of redness in your skin.

The glass bottle looks quit clinical (but pretty enough) and comes with a pipette. In my opinion the pipette isn’t needed as the serum is too thick and it tends to get a bit messy around the top of the bottle and dries on. Pipettes in my eyes are better for actual liquids or oils, so a tube design I think would be more appropriate, but hey I’m no product designer!

Niod Photography fluid, review, beauty blogger

So by now you’re probably thinking, “Well come on, what’s your verdict?”…. I’ve got to say I love this stuff, but it took a lot of trial and errors for me to come to this conclusion. I’ve tried every which way to use it and I can now confidently say I think I have it nailed the application to get the best results for me.

Here are my tips on how you should apply the Niod Photography Fluid:

  • Make sure your moisturiser has well and truly sunk in – if you don’t it congeals with the serum and goes lumpy.
  • Make sure you allow the Photography Fluid to dry before you apply foundation – otherwise again, it will congeal and go lumpy.
  • Less is more with this product – you really don’t need much, otherwise guess what happens? Yep it goes lumpy!
  • Apply and blend with your fingers – not a beauty blender or brush.

Niod also say it can be worn mixed with a foundation, but I didn’t feel this gave me the best result as it “watered down” the full coverage effect I like in a foundation.

If I follow the steps above then the Niod Photography Fluid delivers:

  • Radiant glowy skin
  • Evens skin tone and neutralises any minor redness
  • Increased wear of my makeup
  • Smooths skin texture

I wouldn’t say it did anything for my fine lines or pores, but all in all, a more flawless look – perfect for selfie taking 😉

Niod Photography fluid, review, swatch

Niod Photography fluid, review, swatch
The Photography Fluid rubbed in

If you’re not much of a foundation wearer fear not, this product is still for you! You can wear this product without any foundation on top (which I sometimes do) and you will have perfectly glowy dewy skin.

The Niod Photography Fluid can be purchased from Look Fantastic for £20 which is a fair price for what it does, I just hope that with all the hype surrounding it they don’t start to push the price up.

Oh, and if you don’t already follow Stacey on Snapchat make sure you do – She lives in Dubai, is totally trustworthy and has the most envious makeup collection! Not jealous at all… 🙂 Her Snapchat name is “stadybelle”.

If you try the Niod Photography Fluid I’d love to know what you think!

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