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Snapchat posts seem to be a bit of a “thing” for me at the moment. My first post was “Why bloggers should use Snapchat” which was followed by “Snapchat tips for bloggers“. Both have been some of my most popular posts to date, and I think that’s because Snapchat is one of the newer social media channels to be utilised by bloggers, but is also one of the most difficult platforms to gain new followers on.

Well this is where this post comes in…… For those of you who are slightly less familiar with Snapchat let me explain….. Currently unless you pay to advertise (which is big bucks) your content can only been seen by your followers, and you can only gain followers in a few ways:

1. People can add you if they have your phone number
2. By turning on the “nearby” function on allowing nearby Snappers to add you
3. By adding someones username/ Snapcode

That is it. There are no other ways. You can’t look through hashtags or popular snappers and stumble across anyone new.

Option 1. is only good for your family and friends who have your phone number. People don’t tend to turn on option 2. for privacy reasons, so you are really only left with option 3.

In my last Snapchat post I gave a few examples on how you can promote your Snapchat username. I’ve picked up new followers this way, but I’ve also built up new followers through other Snapchatters promoting my username and kindly giving me a shout out (Thanks again to all those who have done that for me!).

This got me thinking….. I believe in spreading positivity, blogger love and encouraging others. I know what a difference it makes to me if I get a positive comment or someone tweets a link to my blog post, or say how much they love my snaps. It’s seriously lovely and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, plus its helped me grow my follower base.

So a few weeks back I started my Snapper of the week (#Snapperotw) series on Snapchat, which works in a similar way to #FF you get on Twitter. Each week I nominate my #Snapperotw and I give a reason(s) as to why they should follow them.

I purposely only recommend one as I don’t want to dilute the message and I want to make sure I give good reasons as to why you should follow that Snapper. I don’t do it on set date of the week as my life is pretty hectic, so I know I can’t adhere to a strict schedule, but I don’t think that matters too much……

The main reason for this post is that I would love all of you to start sharing the love too, and as you do a #FF on Twitter please all do a weekly #Snapperotw on Snapchat. This will not only really help the Snapper you are promoting, but it’s also some great content for your followers that they will love!

I would love for you to all start #Snapperotw but if that’s not for you and you just want to watch my Snapper of the week then please add me – my username is “devotedtopink“.

Also if you can recommend any Snappers for me to follow please leave their username in the comment box below!

Much love guys 🙂

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