What Happened In April

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I’ve read quite a few of the “What I got up to” type posts recently and I find them a really good read – mainly because I’m a nosy parker, but I also find they are quite good at giving you inspiration for things you may want to try out yourself.

So if you’re as nosy as me I thought you might like to find out what happened to me last month. I’m not planning to make this a regular feature, but I may do a few scattered throughout the year.


  1. Tried Makeup Geek eye shadows for the first time and I had a mixed response…..
  2. Went for a boozy brunch with Fran (from FrannyMac) at Avenue in London. I unfortunately didn’t get any good photos of the day, but check out Fran’s blog post on it – I totally recommend it.
  3. While we were in London Fran and I had a few too many vinos at Fortnum & Mason, so I convinced her to go back on Tinder – which btw is not a good idea to do after that much wine!
  4. I purchased some insanely good macrons from Fortnum & Mason and even managed to wangle a couple of salted caramel ones for free. Happy days.
  5. Fell in love with Niod’s Photography Fluid which gives you flawless Insta worthy skin – yes really – check out my blog post on it!
  6. Went to an amazing cute little cafe for breakfast in Sheffield Park called the Elephant cafe – it literally has huge elephants outside as you drive in. Statues I may add, not real ones. The English countryside isn’t really the ideal setting for the real ones 🙂
  7. Started my weekly “Snapper of the week” on Snapchat – follow me to find out more.
  8. I was featured on the Maybelline UK Instagram page – me on Maybellines page – whatever next!?
  9. Ate out a lot. Standard. Including Thai, Italian and a good old roast.
  10. Picked up yet another MAC nude lipstick and liner – they are beauties!
  11. Was chuffed to see the response I got on my “Snapchat tips for bloggers” post, so thanks everyone 🙂
  12. Decided I needed to sort my skin out so I purchased my first two Antipodes products – my verdict is yet to be decided.
  13. Treated myself to some new bits for my holiday in 3 weeks – eeekkk!
  14. Received some cute midi rings from which will be perfect for the summer.
  15. Did not drink enough lattes.
  16. Cooked dinner for my best friend. This is only worth mentioning as I hate cooking so I feel it was an achievement.
  17. Got some good news from my eye doctor – I can start to trial contact lenses again! Yippee!!
  18. Turned up a month too early for a hospital appointment. Only me.
  19. Went to a top secret beauty event at ASOS which I can’t unfortunately say anything about but I did get some lovely goodies which I will show you on my Instagram soon!
  20. While in London I got caught in snow and hail stones and broke 2 umbrellas – yes in April!!
  21. I’ve lusted over too many items at Harvey Nichols. Damn those marketing emails (really must unsubscribe).

Hope you guys all had a great April too!


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