What Happened In May

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In my “What happened in April” post, which was the first of it’s kind, I said I would probably write a similar post a few times a year but it wouldn’t become a regular feature. Yet here I am a month later writing it again! It seemed so much happened in May that I couldn’t let it go unmentioned, so here you have it… What happened to me in May…..

1. On the bank holiday weekend I went for yet another boozy brunch at Quaglino’s in London with Fran which I wrote a full post about here.

2. After Quaglinos Fran and I visited the stunning Good Ship Benefit for some pink cocktails where we were given a full show round by one of the lovely Benebabes. I couldn’t have been more impressed by the decor, location, views or by the cocktails. Perfect on a sunny day. Before it closes (in August) I definitely want to visit for some food.

3. I wrote my most viewed post ever on comparing the Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit to the Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks, which I never thought would be so popular bearing in mind there are so many posts out there on the Kylie Lip Kits.

4. Swooned over all the beautiful dresses at the Met Gala – Clare Danes, Kate Hudson and Blake Lively did it for me.

5. Cheated on my favourite foundation (MAC stdio fix) with Clinique Beyond Perfection foundation and fell in love, so I didn’t feel so bad about it.

6. Received some super sparkly glitters from Glitter Eyes which are seriously “WOW”! (pic below). Full post coming soon…..

what happened in May, devoted to pink, lifestyle blogger

7. I managed to get my hands on the lusted after Too Faced Sweet Peach palette (sorry….. not sorry) which I love and wrote a full review on, with swatches!

8. Visited the historic Nutfield Priory hotel in Surrey for a meeting which was beautiful.

9. Featured as one of Lady Writes top Snappers in her post “My favourite Snapchatters” which I was super chuffed about.

10. Learnt that some people call the dog filter on Snapchat the “hoe filter”. Still haven’t worked out why….

11. Finally managed to meet the gorgeous blogger babes that are Chloe from Lady Writes and Milly from Milly Day Dreams over a bottle of champagne at Searchy’s champagne bar.

12. Went to the ASOS/ Keds event with Chloe, Milly and Fran where GHD styled my hair in “glam waves” which I loved. You need to check out their new GHD’s – they are like a mermaids tail!

13. At the ASOS event one of the panelist from ASOS said “It was all about Snapchat” and I totally agree with her – don’t say you didn’t hear it here first!

asos, keds, event, blogging event, lady writes, milly day dreams, champagne

14. Purchased another new foundation; Illamasqua Rich foundation. I’m yet to reach a verdict…

15. Booked a holiday to New York city with Chloe from Lady Writes. We spoke about it one night and within 24 hours it was booked! I’m so excited to be visiting the city that never sleeps with another blogger who wont mind spending 3 hours in Sephora with me (I kid you not!).

16. Realised that a week to lose half a stone, get a Beyonce bum and try and find my abs in time for my holiday isn’t quite enough time…..

17. Holidayed in the tropical paradise that is Cape Verde. I stayed on the island of Sal and will be writing a blog post on the hotel as soon as I can as it was amazing!

18. Got bitten 34 times by mosquito’s even though I used extra strength mosquito repellent.

19. I managed to squeeze myself into a wet suit and went snorkeling with a guide who showed us the right spots to go and see the beautiful sea life. Although in typical Leah style I broke a nail in the process and got sea sick in the sea so had to end the experience abruptly 🙁

holiday to cape verde, lifestyle blogger

20. Put on so much weight from an all inclusive holiday that my leggings feel tight. I am now a big blubbery thing covered in 34 red lumps. #Badtimes

21. Bored my Snapchat followers with too many pics of said holiday.

22. Read David Walliams autobiography and now have a total crush on him. He is such a sweet sensitive soul and hilarious at the same time. Well worth a read.

I’m now excited to see what June holds for me as I seem to have lot going on then too! If you want to see what I get up to make sure you follow me on Snapchat as I show it all on there….


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