ChinUp Mask Review – The Non-Surgical Facelift

ChinUp mask, review, before and after pics

I’m not against cosmetic surgical procedures, but if you can get the same results non-surgically then it’s definitely the better option for me. So when ChinUp* got in touch and asked if I would like to try their mask which they claim gives you a non-surgical face lift in 30 minutes I was intrigued…..


So what is ChinUp?

ChinUp is a mask which once worn for 30 minutes slims, lifts and contours your face so much that you can lose up to 2cm around your chin/neck area. Not only that but it has added benefits of moisturising and firming your skin. It contains Q10 Coenzyme, Corum 2345 and Skintronics which is their special magic ingredient that facilitates the fat release. Celebrities and glossy magazines have been raving about ChinUp and when you see the amazing before and after photos on their website you can see why.

ChinUp mask, review, before and after pics
The content of a ChinUp mask pack

What’s Included in the ChinUp mask pack?

Inside the ChinUp pack you receive 2 x masks, a tape measure and a very attractive head band to secure the mask in place 😉



Firstly you must measure your chin. ChinUp are so confident in their results that they include a tape measure in their pack so you can really see how much your chin reduces in size, which I think is a brilliant idea.

You apply the ChinUp mask to clean dry skin which sits over your chin, part of your neck an a little on the cheeks. You then wrap the belt around your head and under your chin and fasten it tightly.

The mask was easy to apply but as soon as I fastened the belt my chin started to tingle and feel warm. Within a minute or so it was burning, and burning so much I wasn’t sure I could take it much longer. I read the instructions and it did say that a warming sensation is completely normal due to the Corum 2345, so I persevered for the full 30 minutes. After about 10 or 15 minutes the burning sensation did calm down and once I took the mask off it was absolutely fine, and I had no irritation which I was worried about as I have very sensitive skin.

ChinUp mask, review, before and after pics
The ChinUp belt that is applied over the mask is oh so attractive 😉


I’ve got to admit I was very sceptical abut this product mainly because as I explained to the PR girl at ChinUp, I don’t have a double chin or much excess fat around the chin area, but she insisted I would still see a benefit.

Honestly, after taking the mask off I didn’t see any visible difference but when I measured myself I couldn’t believe that I had lost 1cm! Prior to applying the mask I measured two parts of my chin/ neck and here are my results:


Before treatment

Jaw to jaw measurement: 26cm

Top part of neck measurement: 21.5cm


After using ChinUp mask

Jaw to jaw measurement: 25cm

Top part of neck measurement: 19.5cm

So a 1cm loss in both measurements!!! For someone who doesn’t have a double chin (unless I open the front facing camera on my phone without realising!) that’s a great result!

ChinUp mask, review, before and after pics
Please excuse my no makeup look!!

I measured my chin throughout the day as I wanted to see how long the results lasted, and to my surprise they lasted all day! My chin only went back to its original size after 2 days and my skin did also feel a little softer directly after using it.


I lost 1cm having hardly any excess fat so I imagine that if you have a little more fat round your chin area you could lose a lot more, and although its only a temporary reduction I think it would be ideal for a special event. Overall I’m very impressed.


The ChinUp mask is £29.99 and can be purchased from ChinUp’s website.





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