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From the heading of this post you are probably thinking “Ideal who..?”. It’s OK I hadn’t heard of them either until I received one of their blogger boxes, but now I know they have an Aladdin’s cave of beauty goodies I’m so glad I do. Ideal World are a shopping channel (Sky, Freeview & Virgin) and website offering everything from technology to DIY, beauty and fashion. Their beauty and makeup department sell a vast range of top brands with lots of them being exclusive to just their channel. Ideal World noticed how much of a beauty and makeup addict I am and kindly sent me a bloggers box full of beauty products for me to try, so I though I’d give you a run down on what was included.

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He-Shi Sublime Dry Oil*

I don’t use many oils in my daily routine as I don’t like the feeling of being greasy but this He-Shi Sublime Dry Oil has changed the game for me. As it’s a dry oil it doesn’t feel at all sticky or greasy and soaks in quickly. Best of all it leaves my skin silky smooth. I used it the other day and I had my girl friends stroking my legs complimenting me on how soft they were – it sounds weirder than it was, but we’ve been friends for years! I’ve now switched from using a normal moisturiser to using this dry oil every day after a shower and my skin has never been so soft. It’s a big thumbs up from me. Love, love, love!

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Elizabeth Grant Wonder Effect Glycolic Face Mask*

I’ve really been getting into face masks recently and I’m using them at least twice a week in my skincare routine. The Elizabeth Grant Wonder Effect Glycolic mask is a creamy face mask, white in colour packed with 10% glycolic acid and torricelumn. After using it my pores were noticeable smaller and my skim smoother. As you only leave the mask on for 5 minutes it’s great if you’re short of time, plus it doesn’t have that uncomfortable hard feeling that some masks have if you leave them on for longer periods of time.

ideal world, elizabeth grant, cell vitality victory eye serum


Elizabeth Grant Cell Vitality Victory Eye Serum*

The Elizabeth Grant Victory Eye Serum is so light it has the consistency of something in between a serum and water, and feels super refreshing when its applied. It’s packed full of hydrating and anti-ageing ingredients such as coenzymne Q10, vitamin E, torricelumn and marine collagen. Although I don’t really suffer with dark circles and puffiness under the eyes its meant to work wonders on these problematic eye issues too. With added skin plumpers and illuminators you can see why this is Elizabeth Grant’s best seller.

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Elizabeth Beautiful Colours Lipgloss in Hollywood Red*

The Elizabeth Grant lip gloss is very light and sheer making it perfect for summer. As it’s not thick its a lot less tacky than other lip glosses I’ve tried and we know how annoying that can be. I’m not much of a lip gloss wearer as I usually opt for very bold lips with full on lip liner and lipstick. However I’m doing my friends makeup for a wedding this weekend and I’m using this on her as she loves the more natural look and doesn’t want anything too heavy. I used it for her makeup trial last week and she fell in love with it, so thanks Ideal World as I’ve got some good brownie points for that 🙂

ideal world, elizabeth grant, fabulift fabulous eyes


Fabulift Fabulous Eyes*

Fabulift Fabulous Eyes is Ideal Worlds cult product which is designed to instantly lift and tighten the eye area. Although I moan about my wrinkles they are only very slight so I didn’t see a huge difference in them but it definitely had a tightening effect which you can not only see but feel. You have to be careful not to apply too much as otherwise you are left with a white powdery substance on your face which I made the mistake of at first (even though its says that on the instructions!) but you soon get used to how much to apply and then it’s not an issue. The best thing about this product is that you can wear makeup over the serum which I know you can’t with similar products on the market. You only need to apply the smallest amount (size of a grain of rice) so a tiny vile lasts a long time. I think this product would be great for people who have a lot more wrinkles and I already have my Mum and Dad lined up who want to try it!

ideal world, zhuzh tan accelerator


Zhuzh Tan Accelerator*

Living in the UK means we don’t see that yellow thing in the sky called sun that much so I haven’t had the opportunity to try this product out yet, and with it forecasted to rain the whole of July I don’t think I will in the near future either. Boo! After hearing what this stuff does though its definitely coming away with me to my next beach holiday! Zhuzh is designed to work with your skins natural melanin to accelerate the natural tanning process while soaking up the sun. Brilliant. Come on sunshine…..!

The blogger beauty boxes aren’t available to buy as a whole, but all the products I’ve featured here can be purchased on the Ideal World website –

Ideal World have sneakily told me some of the brands they will have launching soon and it’s very exciting, so be sure to follow them on social media so you don’t miss out on the news!

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