How to wear lilac lipstick

MAC Courting Seduction lipstick, MAC Stone lip liner

This is going to be a short and sweet blog post compared to most of my usual ramblings, but I wanted to share with you a new lip combo that I’m loving at the moment as it’s quite unusual….. The lilac lip. I never thought that I could pull off a pale lilac lipstick and if anyone had ever suggested it to me I would have probably pulled my “are you kidding me!?” screwed up look that I’ve perfected over the years. However, on my recent trip to MAC I discovered that it you pair it with the right lip liner its surprising how wearable it is.

MAC Courting Seduction lipstick, MAC Stone lip liner

The products I’m talking about are the MAC lipstick in “Courting Seduction” and the MAC lip pencil in “Stone”. As you can see from these photos the Stone lip liner is dark brown. No, I’ve not lost the plot – I promise you they go well together! The brown is grey toned so its works with the cool lilac lipstick really well.

MAC Courting Seduction lipstick, MAC Stone lip liner, swatches

MAC Courting Seduction lipstick, MAC Stone lip liner, swatches

MAC Courting Seduction is an amplified finish which I love as it’s very creamy and highly pigmented.

You will need a lip brush to blend the lipstick into the lip liner otherwise you will get that horrid dark line which no one wants. I suggest you apply the lipstick over the lip liner right to the edge of your lip and keep pressing your lips together to help them blend. I quite often blot on tissue and then reply apply again as I find that helps the transition of the two colours.

This look is best paired with a cool toned eyeshadow such a grey, blue or purple. In the photos above I’ve done one look with a grey/ black smokey eye and the other with a purple smokey eye. I’ve also vary how much lip liner I use to give different effects. In the first pic I’ve used a lot more lip liner over my lips than in the second. Combining the dark lip liner with the pale lilac gives a beautiful ombre effect which is fantastic at giving the illusion of bigger lips.

Although I wasn’t sure at first, I now love this look and it definitely makes a change to my normal red or nude lips.

What do you think? Would you try lilac lips?

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