My New Hair By SeanHanna

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Most of you who follow me on social media will know by
now that I have new hair….!

Last week I took a trip to London to meet Lloyd at the
SeanHanna salon in Putney. I’m always wary of letting new people near my hair (and
eyebrows for that matter) so I’m not going to lie I was a tad nervous but I
needn’t had been as Lloyd was brilliant, and I was made to feel so relaxed as
soon as I walked into SeanHanna by all the staff there.

After sitting down and being served a tasty latte I
explained my hair story and the stages it had recently been through. I showed
Lloyd a few photos of what I wanted my hair to look like and we discussed the different
colour options in-depth. 

SeanHanna, London, Hairdressers, review, Putney, hair salon, light up basins

I wanted to change my hair colour, and as it was very dull and dry I wasn’t sure how Lloyd was going to be able to create the look I was after and make it brighter, without ruining my hair further. But being a technician who specialises in blonde hair he knew how! Firstly Lloyd applied scalp bleach to my roots to make them blonde. This was followed by L’Oreal’s brightening oil all over my hair which lifted all the old bleach I had on my hair and brightened it without causing any additional damage. The next stage was the toners….. I’ve only ever had one toner applied all over, but Lloyd mixed up 4 different colours and applied them individually to my hair then blended them together and this is what has created the different tones you can see in my hair.

Not only did Lloyd have a job on his hands with my hair colour, but it was also in such bad condition. For starters it was really dry and felt like straw so Lloyd applied one of their top intensive conditioners to my hair to help add some moisture back in. On top of that it was very straggly with lots of split ends..… I’m sure so many girls can relate to this but I hate cutting my hair. I know you should regularly have a good cut and get rid of all the split ends to make it look in better condition, but I just love having long hair so I usually get the smallest trim possible. I think it’s because I have such thin hair that I try and compensate with length so I at least have something! This time I took the brave decision to have a fair amount cut off and it now sits just below my shoulders and it looks so much healthier. Thank you Lloyd for convincing me to go for the chop! 

SeanHanna, London, Hairdressers, review, Putney, hair salon,
Inside the salon | Even the toilet is funky!
SeanHanna, London, Hairdressers, review, Putney, hair salon, beauty blogger
Stage 1…. 
SeanHanna, London, Hairdressers, review, Putney, hair salon, Redken, Loreal
I loved these cute Redken bags that SeanHanna had for sale

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Before & After

The salon itself is so funky. I’m not sure if that word is still acceptable to use in 2016 but I’m going with it…..  A cool black interior with amazing art on the walls and beautiful flowers on display. However the piece de resistance is the wash area – the basins light up and change to an array of different colours. The chairs are no normal chairs either….. Once you sit on them the feet go up like a recliner and the chair massages you! To have your body and your head massaged at the same time is pretty much bliss!

Lloyd was with me throughout every step on my visit. He applied the bleach, the toner, the treatment, washed my hair, conditioned my hair and styled it at the end – all himself – which made the experience very personal and I felt like he was really taking care of me. 

SeanHanna, London, hair salon, L'Oreal, Redken, hairdressers, review

before and after, SeanHanna, transformation, london, hair salon

I should probably add that I am not the best candidate to have before and after photos as I literally have 5 strands of hair – I joke about this but seriously my hair is so thin that no “after” photo is ever going to look like the ones you see in a hair magazines that you lust after. Although the first photo was taken inside the salon and the second outside in natural light it gives you a very good idea as to what magic Lloyd achieved, and although I’m never going to have model worthy hair I think he has done an amazing job!

I love my new hair and I can’t recommend SeanHanna enough, they put me at ease and I walked out of their salon with my head held high with the boost in confidence my new hair had given me. My time there not only left me with beautiful hair but was such a lovely relaxing experience that I enjoyed every minute of it. 

SeanHanna have 8 salons based in London, Cambridge and Bristol – you can read more about them here.

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My trip to SeanHanna was gifted to me for review purposes.