Skinn Plasma Fusion Nourishing Serum Foundation

Skinn Plasma Fusion Nourishing Serum Foundation, review, ideal world

One of things I love about beauty blogging is discovering new brands that you would never normally get to hear about. I’ve got to admit that prior to my blogging days I pretty much stuck to cosmetic brands that you could buy in drugstores and departments stores like Selfridges and Harvey Nichols. So you can probably imagine how excited I was to be able to try some Skinn products as they have only just launched in the UK via Ideal World.

Skinn are an American brand founded by Dimitri James who is a professional makeup artist, licensed aesthetician and has worked for some of the worlds top cosmetic brands before creating his own line of makeup and skin care. Skinn’s motto is simple; “what counts is inside” and Dimitri firmly believes that it’s the quality of the product inside the jar that matters, and not how the jar looks.

Skinn Plasma Fusion Nourishing Serum Foundation, review, ideal world

If you’ve been following me for a while you will know that one of my biggest makeup struggles is trying to find foundations pale enough for my Casper like, practically see through skin! I’m still so surprised at the amount of huge makeup brands out there don’t listen to their customers and bring out paler shades, as I know so many people also suffer with this dilema. Well Dimitri has, no doubt because of all his years as a makeup artist he would have experienced this himself first hand with the models he worked on. Dimitri has created the Skinn Plasma Fusion Nourishing Serum Foundation* which is Skinn’s first, serum-strength foundation. The foundation is infused with light-refracting and line-diminishing Plasma pigments with a combination of anti-aging peptides, barrier repair technology, and hydrating botanical actives.

Skinn Plasma Fusion Nourishing Serum Foundation, swatches
Skinn Plasma Fusion Nourishing Serum Foundation – Ivory on the left, Porcelain on the right

I’ve been trying out 01/ light which is a duo set featuring two shades – Porcelain (the palest one pictured) and Ivory, meaning you can mix the colours together to create a custom match just for you. Hooray!! Having two shades is exactly want I need because I fake tan – throughout the week the amount of pale foundation versus the amount of darker foundation I use varies a lot. If you want a chuckle take a look at the makeup photos of me on my Instagram page and you will see how much my skin colour changes depending on whether I’ve recently fake tanned or not! These two shades were just the perfect match for my skin tone and if you are looking for pale foundation then Porcelain is certainly that – I would say it’s similar to MAC NW10. Some days I use just one shade and other times I mix them which means I never had to worry about any horrid lines around my chin. I would say the foundation is low coverage which is perfect if you like light foundation which doesn’t give you a heavy made up look, and due to its serum consistency it blends in beautifully to the skin.

Skinn Orchid gel canvas primer, review

Skinn fusion illusion foundation brush, review

I’ve also been lucky enough to try two of Skinn’s other products; The Orchid Gel Canvas Ready Primer* and the Skinn Professional Fusion Illusion Foundation Brush*.  The Orchid Gel Canvas Ready Primer contains silicone’s and micro-powders so as soon as its applied your skin has that silky soft matte feel to it, which helps minimise shine. The synthetic bristles on the foundation brush are soft and very compacted, which does make it a bit of a bugger to clean as you really have to get in between every bristle, but lets face it washing brushes is never going to be an excited chore! I still prefer using a sponge over a foundation brush to apply my foundation as I feel it gives fuller coverage and is easier to build up, but if your preference is a brush then you should give this one a go!

In the UK Skinn makeup and skincare can be purchased from the Ideal World website.

Have you heard of Skinn before? What are your thoughts

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Items marked with * were gifted to be for review purposes.