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Spectrum makeup brushes, essential kit, marbleous kit

You can own the best quality makeup in the world but if you don’t have the right tools to apply the makeup with, you might as well not bother. Using the correct tools to apply your makeup is half the battle when creating a flawless look, which I unfortunately didn’t learn until my late 20’s – yes I cringe if I get faced with an old photo!

When I’m looking for makeup brushes my criteria is pretty simple; good quality soft bristles, pleasing to the eye and they can’t break the bank balance. There are other elements I consider too, but these are my top 3 priorities. If your wishlist is pretty similar to mine then look no further than Spectrum Brushes

spectrum collections, 8 piece marbleous eye set, review
Spectrum 8 piece Marbleous Eye Set
Spectrum makeup brushes, essential kit, marbleous kit, review
The same brushes in each collection that I tested

I’ve recently been trying out two of Spectrum’s popular brush sets – the 10 piece Essential Kit* and the 8 piece Marbleous Eye Set*. As you can see from these photos both sets are absolutely gorgeous and would take pride of place on any dressing table. 

I was really keen to test out both these sets as they have 3 brushes that you get in both collections, which meant I could pitch them against each other and see if there are any differences.

I’ve got to say there isn’t a huge amount of variation between the Essential Kit and Marbleous Eye Set. Both have chunky handles which feel great in the hand, are made with synthetic hair which is vegan and cruelty free. They both feel smooth on the face, but I would say the Marbleous collection set does feel softer and blends better so I do opt for those brushes when doing my eyes. On the other hand being pink and blue the Essential Kit is easier to keep clean and is Oh so pretty! Strangely only the Essential set details the brush number on the handle so you know what brush is what, and the Marbleous set doesn’t. I assume this is because you can’t buy the Marbleous brushes individually but I think I would still have preferred for them to be on there. Another important factor is how the bristles fare after being washed. I have washed both sets on various occasions and none of them have shed a bristle. Not one – unlike the dodgy high end fakes I bought on eBay that shed 50% of their bristles in weeks and now look bald. Big mistake guys, don’t do it!

My top three brushes from the two sets would be:

  • Marbleous Tall fluffy blender (B06)
  • Marbleous short smudge (A13)
  • Essential contouring brush (A05)

As I’m a fan of full on eye makeup it probably doesn’t surprise you that a blender makes the no.1 spot –  you can never have too many of them if you want to create a seamless smokey eye. It’s all about the blending guys!

spectrum collections, 10 piece essential kit, review,pink makeup brushes
Spectrum 10 piece Essential Kit 

spectrum collections, 8 piece marbleous eye set, review

Spectrum makeup brushes, essential kit, marbleous kit, pink, white

Amazingly the Spectrum 10 piece Essential Kit costs only £39.99 and the 8 piece Marbleous Eye Set just £34.99. At these prices you can see why they have sold out on several occasions – in fact the 8 piece Marbleous Eye Set is actually sold out on the Spectrum site right now! Sorry guys!

Considering I bought a MAC limited edition brush the other day for £25 (yes for one brush!) and these Spectrum brushes are far better quality you can see how good value for money they are.

I really can’t stop raving about these brushes so if you want some quality beautiful brushes to add to your collection then look no further than Spectrum Brushes. Oh and check out their cute  mermaid/ unicorn bag its all kinds of #goals…. !

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Items marked with * were gifted to be for review purposes.