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Avon makeup review, beauty blogger

It’s never struck me to buy makeup from a brochure. I spend my life connected to my laptop or phone so I’m either a go in-store, or purchase online kinda gal when it comes to pretty much everything – with online being my preference. I just can’t stand crowds. Like, get out of my way and please walk faster people! Because of this, it’s never crossed my mind to purchase any Avon makeup. For me Avon has always been synonymous with Avon parties. You know, the type of home parties where you would go round a friends house, flip through a brochure with a rep staring at you so you feel pressurised into buy something. I always did too. When really, all I was there for was some wine and gossip with the girls!

Avon makeup review, beauty blogger

A few friends of mine have started buying Avon makeup recently but without the need of a brochure. It turns out Avon have kept up with the 21st Century and you can buy their makeup range online, as well as through the traditional channels of a brochure or Avon party. Brilliant. Problem solved. Not only that, but they have a huge range of makeup which you can tell is no longer aimed at your Nan – well I couldn’t see my Nan rocking metallic eye liners, HD finishing powder or bronzers!

I’ve been trying out a selection of Avon makeup and I’ve got to say I’ve been really impressed and they are super affordable.

I’m going to give you a quick run through of my top 3 products from the Avon makeup I’ve been testing.

Avon Colour Correcting Pearls, review, beauty blogger


Avon Colour Correcting Pearls*

These gorgeous green, purple, peach and white pearls are hailed as the dupe for Guerlain Meteorites, but £23 cheaper! For only £10 these pearly balls help perfect your complexion. I set my foundation with the Avon Colour Correcting Pearls as I just love the glow it gives my skin which is perfect for this time of year. They create a very soft brightening effect and I can’t get enough of them.

Avon Big & False Lash Volume Mascara review

Avon Big & False Lash Volume Mascara*

Avon market this mascara as being on par with Benefit’s They’re Real mascara but at less than half the price. According to Avon’s survey, woman who liked Benefit’s They’re Real mascara£19.50) also liked Avon Big & False Lash Volume mascara just as much (£8.50).

OK, so lets be real. This mascara doesn’t give a false lash effect – but I don’t think any mascara can do that. However, it didn’t clump my lashes together, was very black (blackest black colour) and my lashes were certainly fuller. It’s also waterproof which although means it harder to remove, it doenst smudge all day. To top it off this mascara is currently on sale for £5!! Grab some while you can!

Avon SuperExtend Liquid Eyeliner review

Avon SuperExtend Liquid Eyeliner* 

I’m so fussy with liquid eyeliners as boy is it hard to get right….  Even for an eyeliner pro like me who wears it all the time, it still regularly goes wrong. Remember eyeliner can smell the fear….. The Avon SuperExtend Liquid Eyeliner is a smooth, fine “felt tip like” eyeliner which doesn’t bleed – an issue I’ve experienced with many liquid eyeliners in the past. It lasts all day and didn’t smudge so it’s a regular in my makeup bag!

For the price you pay for Avon makeup I’m seriously impressed – Take a look at the full Avon makeup range online here.

As a final note if you thinking of inviting me to any sort of home party, please know I am only there for the wine, chat and nibbles 🙂

Have any of you tried Avon makeup? What else would you recommend?

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Items marked with * were gifted to be for review purposes.