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Cargo Cosmetics, land down under, swimmables, HD blush, review

I’m obsessed with eye shadows and blending (as if you didn’t know!). I think it stems back to my arty days….. Believe it or not, that’s what I wanted to be when I was younger – an artist. I loved to paint and draw, and I spent all my time doing it. Even at weekends and after school. I was always very arty and got accepted into art college  – I even set up my own card making business when I was 15 years old. I only closed it as I soon realised that as much as I enjoyed it, earning £1.00 an hour wasn’t really going to pay the bills! Anyway, I digress…. So it doesn’t surprise me that my two favourite parts of my makeup routine involve blending – eye shadows and contouring. Using various coloured eye shadows with different techniques can make some dramatic looks. I love playing with makeup and I don’t want to keep doing the same look day in and day out, so I’ve been trying to be more adventurous with the shades I use.

One look I know I’ve wanted to try for while is a smokey blue eye. I don’t own many blue eye shadows so when I saw the Cargo Cosmetics Land Down Under * palette with some gorgeous blue shades in it I knew it was for me!

Cargo Cosmetics was established in 1966 as a professional makeup line and has since been used by makeup artists world wide, so you know anything used by the professionals has got to be of the highest quality.

I’ve been trying out their Land Down Under palette, HD blush/ highlighter and Swimmables eye pencil. Below I’ve gone into more detail on each product below, but I’ve got to say that for a cosmetic company that isn’t as well known as other makeup brands I’ve been really impressed. The quality of their products and packaging is top notch so if you want to discover more carry on reading…..

Cargo Cosmetics land down under palette, review

Cargo Cosmetics land down under palette, swatches, review

Cargo Cosmetics Land Down Under Palette*

As the name probably indicates this palette is inspired by the sites and beaches of Australia and is new to the Cargo collection for summer 2016. With such a beautiful country it’s no surprise that this palette contains 12 vibrant and shimmery shades, along with some good staple mattes.


All the colours are really pigmented, although I can’t tell for sure if Opera is as I’m so pale it’s the same colour as my skin! My two favourite colours are Manly and Bondi as they are such intense blue shades and like I say, until now I didn’t own many matte blue colours and I’ve not seen any like these in other palettes. All colours blend well with little fall out.


Surprisingly the beautiful embossed white case hasn’t got that dirty yet (give me time!), neither has the inside, which is pale cream in colour, and although it’s crafted from cardboard it feels very sturdy and well made.


The palette also comes complete with a black eye liner (always comes in handy) and a good quality double ended brush, so for £35.00 I think it makes the whole palette extremely good value for money.

Cargo Cosmettics, HD Blush/ highlighter, pink shimmer, review

Cargo Cosmetics HD Blush/Highlighter – Pink Shimmer 01*

The Cargo Cosmetics HD Blush in Pink Shimmer is a pale nudey/ pink and I would say it’s definitely more of a blush than a highlighter. Don’t let the pale shade of this blusher fool you though – it is insanely pigmented! You literally need one tap of this blush for both side of your cheeks, so I’m pretty sure it will last me about 10 years! I think this blush is perfect for a softer day time look and as I’m quite short on blushers I’m so glad I now have it in my makeup bag.


Cargo Cosmettics, Swimmables eye pencil, review

Cargo Cosmettics, Swimmables eye pencil, review

Cargo Cosmetics Swimmables Eye Pencil  – 04 Loch Ness*

The Swimmables are a collection of waterproof eye pencils and boy are these waterproof! I swatched this product on my hand and it did not budge all day, even after washing my hands multiple times. Rubbing it didn’t even make an ounce of a difference either. The only way I got it off was with eye makeup remover, so if you are looking for a long lasting waterproof eye liner this is for you! Best of all is that they come in a range of colours – from the standard brown and blacks to blue, purple, turquoise and green. Go and get creative…..!

Cargo Cosmetics can be purchased in the UK at many top online retailers such as DebenhamsBeauty Bay and Feel Unique.

Have you tried anything from Cargo Cosmetics?

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Items marked with * were gifted to me for review purposes.