Keeping it casual with Keds

Keeping it casual with Keds shoes

I’m a self confessed girly girl. Up until very recently you would never see me in any footwear other than high heels unless I was at the gym. To work, round a friends or popping to the supermarket, the high heels were always on. Even if I was doing a day in London which meant a lot of walking, I would still wear high heels and have some flats in my bag for when I was walking around the tube stations.

It all changed this summer when I bought some flat, yes flat, casual glittery slip on’s. My friends were even shocked when they saw me in them. Mainly because I had shrunk by 4 inches. They’ve been so used to seeing me standing at 5ft 10 for so long they didn’t know what I looked like in flats! For once I felt girly and I could walk places! Since this discovery I’ve been totally embracing the flat shoe. This has meant a total wardrobe change for me too as I can now start investing in some more casual clothes. Not only have my shoes always been high, but my style has always been very smart and dressy.

white Keds, size 8.5, fashion blogger

Miss Guided white mesh insert top. tshirt

fashion blogger, casual white and black outfit

fashion blogger, casual and smart look, keds

fashion blogger, casual look

White casual outfit, fashion blogger, Keds, Miss Guided

White Keds, size 8.5

I’m not about to jump straight in to a tracksuit…. I need to take it slowly and ease myself into it, but this look is my introduction to being casual….

I’m wearing a white top from Miss Guided, but the mesh insert adds a bit glamour rather than it being too plain. Some staple leggings from Top Shop and a pair of Keds*. I also teamed it with a red blazer from Oasis which I think makes it that much smarter which is just up my street.

I’m totally loving these Keds, they are super comfy and because they aren’t bulky I still feel feminine in them. Keds produce shoes in a wide range of styles, colour and patterns which mean you can really make a feature out of your footwear.

What do you guys think? Can I pull off this casual Keds look?

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