Warehouse Biker Jacket

leather jacket from warehouse, faux leather, biker

Jackets are the one staple that I don’t seem to have many of in my wardrobe. I have tons of blazers and lots of winter coats but nothing in-between. Every year when September approaches I realize that jackets are exactly what you need in autumn as it’s not quite cold enough to wear a big winter coat, yet too cold not to wear anything. So this year I finally got round to investing in two jackets and here is the first one – a biker jacket from Warehouse.

Faux leather jacket from warehouse

Faux leather jacket from Warehouse, gucci bag, ripped jeans

Faux leather jacket from warehouse, biker jacket

Faux leather biker jacket from warehouse, black

Faux leather biker jacket from warehouse with zip details

Although it looks and feels like real leather it’s actually faux leather meaning it’s a steal at only £59!!

I bought this 2 dress sizes up from what I usually wear as I like jackets to be on the bigger side, especially if i’m going to wear jumpers under them. It’s fine around the back, arms and bust but it is very big in the waist area, so it does look a little big from the side as it protrudes out, but I’d rather that than it be too small.

Biker jackets are great for a casual effortless look, but look equally cool with a sexy dress and a killer pair of heels on a Saturday night. 

Apologies again for the photos – The combination of my posing abilities and my Mum’s photography skills don’t go hand in hand for great OOTD posts. One of my Mum’s brilliant comments during this shoot was “How are you supposed to hold a camera in one hand and zoom with the other…? I need both hands to hold the camera!”…… Despite that the photos came out OK(ish)! haha 

What do you think of this Biker Jacket from Warehouse? 

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