Beauty Picks With The Good Spa Guide

Beauty Picks With The Good Spa Guide, spa products

I love a good spa day and I’ve frequented a lot over the years, all over the UK. I’ve gone to some amazing out of this world, you could only dream about spas, and then unfortunately I’ve been to one that have a pool the size of my bedroom, no Jacuzzi and served up dry 3 day old sandwiches. Not so good. So I know the importance of researching spas before I book. This is where The Good Spa Guide comes in. With the help of the Good Spa Guide you can find spas across the UK by location and see their star rating and any offers they may have running. The Good Spa Good have Spa Spies who write honest detailed reviews on the spa they are visiting so you know what you are letting yourself in for before you visit. In 2010 they also started their annual Good Spa Guide Awards in which they award one spa as the best spa of each region.

As well as recommending spas The Good Spa Guide also review spa products and they recently sent me a huge bundle goodies which help give you the spa experience at home. I have been well and truly spoilt with all the wonderful brands that arrived on my doorstep. There is such a huge collection it will take me some time to get through them all, so today I thought I’d share with you my favourite picks from what I’ve tried so far.

Aromatherapy Associates rose exfoliating cleanser

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espa pink hair and scalp mask

Firstly lets start off with what The Good Spa Guide were kind enough to send me:

Natural Spa Factory Pearly & Gold Renewal Peel Off Facial Mask

Natural Spa Factory Pearly & Gold Renewal Peel Off Facial Mask

Hands down probably the best face mask I have used to date…..! This gold coloured powder turns into a paste once mixed with water. You apply it to your skin immediately, leave for 15 minutes to set and then the satisfying part – peeling it off. I love that feeling! Am I the only one….?!

The Natural Spa Factory Pearly & Gold Renewal Peel Off Facial Mask contains 100% pearl and gold extracts which leaves you with wonderfully soft skin that glows. Best of all it massively reduced my pores – they literally disappeared, and large open pores is one of my biggest skin concerns. Not to mention it reduced my redness and evened out my skin tone. My skin not only felt softer but looked softer too. See.. told you… The best face mask I’ve used!

I used the whole packet of powder where as in hindsight I probably should have just used a third of it. There is easily enough for at least 3 masks, but it didn’t say that on the packet so now I’ve used it all and I could have had another 2 masks out of it! Sob sob. Apart from that little mishap I love this face mask and it definitely comes with my stamp of approval.

Spongelle Shimmer Collection sponge


Spongelle Shimmer Collection

I was so intrigued when I opened the Spongelle sponge as I have never seen anything like it. The first thing I noticed was the scent, even with it in the clingfilm packaging it smelt so good. A unique fragrance that I can’t really describe but let me assure you it’s lovely! Spongelle in it’s original form is a hard round silver coloured sponge, but once wet it softens and lathers up to create a body wash that you use in the shower. Due to the texture of the sponge it delivers a light exfoliation and best of all is bursting with glitter! Yes loads and loads of glitter!! But don’t panic, once you shower it off you aren’t left like a disco ball. In fact you can hardly see any glitter – just the odd shimmer here and there. This is so much fun to shower with and the sparkles are perfect for the Christmas season. The Spongelle Shimmer Collection sponge should last around 14 washes.

Kissed by Mii Instant Shimmer Temporary Tanning Lotion


Kissed by Mii Instant Shimmer Temporary Tanning Lotion

Although I’m a fake tan addict I’ve never been a fan of instant tans and haven’t used them in years. However the other day I had to opportunity for a spare of the moment shoot for some Instagram photos. I decided to wear a skirt and then had a dilemma as I hadn’t tanned in a week and my legs were almost see through – not at all Insta-worthy! I quickly grabbed the Kissed by Mii Instant Shimmer Temporary Tanning Lotion and Oh my, I was shocked (in a good way)! This instant tan soaked in quickly, left no streaks and more importantly resulted in a beautifully bronzed glow. I loved the intensity of this tan as I practically went the colour I go after an 8 hour developing tan. I’ll definitely be using this again when I’m in a hurry! Thanks for saving my Instagram photos Mii!!

Temple Spa Body Truffle review


Temple Spa Body Truffle

The packaging alone of the Temple Spa Body Truffle oozes luxury and indulgence. The quality shimmering brown weighted jar contains a truffle coloured whipped cream that leaves your skin soft and with the most gorgeous dewy glow – it looks like I have dusted highlighter all over my body and evened out my skin tone. The cream soaks in well with no residue but you only need to use the smallest amount, which is probably a good thing considering it’s price – £60 for 150ml. Although, when you hear the list of ingredients you would probably think it should cost more – black truffle, rose quartz, cashmere, cocoa butter, champagne extract, long life mushrooms and silk and gold extracts to name a few. This really is a luxurious spa product that you use sparingly for nights out, special occasions and when you want that extra bit of pamper time.

The Good Spa Awards 2016 took place on 15th November so keep an eye out for the winners!

Have you used any of these spa products? Can you recommend any spa products I should try?


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