LVL Lash Lift Review

LVL lash lift review, my lashes after LVL lashes with mascara
My natural lashes after LVL lash treatment WITH mascara

Last week I was invited to JK One Beauty Salon to give their very popular LVL Lash Lift treatment a whirl. You’ve probably already heard about this treatment, but if you didn’t know LVL stands for length, volume and lift and it’s all the rage right now. Essentially the treatment involves perming your lashes to make them curl upwards, then tinting them which results in them looking like you’re wearing mascara, or in some cases false lashes. Sounds good, huh..?!

The LVL lash treatment is done using products from Nouveau Lashes and takes around 40 minutes to do. Firstly your bottom lashes are tapped to your skin to keep them away from the top lashes. This sounds scary but it really isn’t, and you can hardly feel it. While your eyes are closed your top lashes are then stuck to a rounded silicon shield to create the lift affect and the lifting lotion is applied. Again not painful. It’s left on for around 12 minutes, removed and then the volumising fix is applied which fixes the lashes into position. The volumising fix is again left on for a few minutes, removed and the final stage is the tint, which is very quick to apply and is only left on for 4 minutes before being wiped away. It was actually quite nice and relaxing to have my eyes shut for that length of time and if it hadn’t been for Lauren and I chatting away I would have fallen asleep!

Before and after pics of LVL lash treatment at Jk One Beauty, Crawley
My natural lashes before and after the LVL treatment with NO makeup or mascara (soz!)

These photos speak for themselves, you can see a huge difference to my lashes following the LVL treatment – they are darker and more noticeable, even without any makeup on. Everyday I wake up, look in the mirror and think I’ve forgotten to take my mascara off until I remember I’ve had them done! I think LVL lashes would be perfect for holiday when you don’t want to wear makeup on the beach but still look half alive, as well as for those who don’t like to wear eyelash extensions or false lashes but still want the added length that they provide.

[You can tell the second photo was taken much later in the day as my eyebrows had started to wear off! haha]
Jk One beauty salon crawley, LVL lashes
The cute boutique salon in Crawley – JK One Beauty (pic credit: JK One Beauty)

What you need to know about LVL lashes……

  • A patch test will need to be carried out on your skin at least 48 hours before the treatment to ensure you have no reactions to the products used.
  • You can choose from three sizes of curls – small, medium and large. Depending on how curly or long your natural lashes are will dictate what size you should opt for, but the beauty therapist will advise on what size is best for you – I had medium. 
  • Following the treatment you can’t get your lashes wet for 24 hours or wear eye makeup, which means no showers, swimming or doing anything that will expose them to steam like ironing or cooking – music to my ears when I heard that!
  • The LVL lash treatment at JK One Beauty costs £50 and lasts around 6 weeks, but your natural lash cycle will play a part in this too.

I want to add that I suffer with an eye condition called posterior blepharitis and have very sensitive eyes which means I have to be super careful with what goes near them. I was so worried how this treatment may affect my eyes that I put off having it done for quite some time. I needn’t had worried though as apart from a bit of stinging at one point during the treatment (which Lauren swiftly sorted out and fixed) I was absolutely fine, and I’ve had no repercussions afterwards. I just wanted to let you know in case any of you suffered with sensitive eyes and had the same concern. Although I can’t speak for everyone I thought it would be handy to know!

Lauren –  the owner of JK One Beauty carried out the LVL lash treatment on me and she was brilliant. She was knowledgeable, friendly and made me feel right at home – I can’t recommend JK One Beauty enough.

Would you consider getting LVL lashes done?

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