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Blog in the spotlight - Stacey ExpatMakeup Addict

Hi Everyone!

I’ve decided to start a new feature called ‘Blog in the spotlight’. I haven’t done one of these posts before but I’ve always loved posts that recommend other bloggers as I think it’s nice for them to be recognised for their hard work, and I it’s a great way to discover new blogs to read. My lovely pals Fran and Georgie have both done posts recommending individual blog posts which is brilliant, and it’s where I got inspiration from for this post. I’m not sure how often I will get round to doing these but even if it’s only one now and again, I think it’s worthwhile…..

My Blog in the spotlight feature is a way for me to highlight a blog/ blogger that I think is fab and let you know why I love them.

Today’s Blog in the Spotlight is someone so many of my long standing readers probably already know because 1. She is a fab blogger and very active in the beauty blogging community and 2. I’ve waved the flag for her so many times and she was one of my early SnapperOTW winners.

This edition of Blog in the Spotlight is Stacey from ExpatMakeupAddict. I originally started following Stacey on Snapchat and I instantly warmed to her. She is genuine, brutally honest and very open with her followers.

Blog in the spotlight - Stacey ExpatMakeup Addict

Without even meeting her Stacey will make you feel like you are her friend, as her personality really does shine through on Snapchat – she’s an avid talk-snapper like me. Stacey is foremost a makeup blogger which you can probably tell from her blog name, but she also does include some posts on skincare, lifestyle and her experience with cancer. In 2014 Stacey was diagnosed with cancer which she has always been very open about, and again this year had a further scare which she shared with her followers. As Stacey talked to “me” through Snapchat I had tears well up in my eyes and my heart broke for her a little bit every time she gave an update. I just wished I lived near her as I would have drove straight round and given her a huge hug. Such an amazing woman. Although I don’t share my personal life on my blog, I love that Stacey does and I truly admire her for it.

Makeup addicts beware for makeup envy – I’m pretty sure Stacey has a makeup collection to rival that of Selfridges – I kid you not! Take a look at her makeup collection here. She has so many lipsticks that she regularly produces a “lip six” post which showcases 6 recent lipsticks that she has been wearing. I love that she actually shows you each lipstick on her lips so it gives you a really good idea of colour.

A big part of Stacey’s life that I haven’t yet mentioned is that she lives in Dubai (with her 3 cats which don’t leave her alone, bless them). I love Dubai and keep meaning to go back so I love seeing all the glamorous places Stacey visits, the stunning restaurants and amazing malls!

Blog in the spotlight - Stacey ExpatMakeup Addict

Stacey is a self confessed workaholic. She certainly is a high flying career woman who is passionate about what she does, which I find so infectious. She lives on her own and is such a strong independent women and a serious role model for the #GirlBoss revolution.

Her career funds her makeup addiction and she is always buying new makeup – I’m pretty sure she shops in Sephora every week – she must be one of their platinum customers! On top of this Stacey has a sought after bag and shoe collection and regularly does blog sales where she sells her unwanted items – I just missed out on the most gorgeous Louis Vuitton purse the other day as I was too late to message her, so if you like your designer items make sure you stalk Stacey’s Snapchat/ Blog regularly!

Although Stacey has a brilliant blog and a large following she is rarely gifted items from brands. I’m not sure why…. I’m not sure if she turns them down or doesn’t get as much opportunity in Dubai but she is always 100% honest if she is gifted an item and talking about it.  As 99% of her stash has been bought herself you know that her opinion is completely truthful. I trust her implicitly.

Blog in the spotlight - Stacey ExpatMakeup Addict

I’ve had this blog post lined up for a few weeks now but it’s only been half finished as I’ve been so busy, but coincidentally this weekend I was lucky enough to meet Stacey and it was a dream come true – I sound like such a saddo now, but I really did feel starstruck as I’ve looked up to her for so long. It was a brief meeting over some wine in London with her lovely friend Danni. I unfortunately couldn’t stay for long as I had to get back home for a night out with my friends but Stacey was everything I thought she would be and more – although she sounds a lot more northern in real life than in Snapchat 😉 We got on so well we have already discussed our next reunion and I’m really hoping I will be able to see her again in 2017!

I have nothing but admiration, respect and love for Stacey and she is one of the most relatable bloggers I follow. 100% real, honest and truthful and I think you should all go follow her – a must on Snapchat!

You can follow her here:

Blog –
Instagram – @ExpatMakeupAddict
Twitter – @ExpatMUAddict
Snapchat – @Stadybelle 

I hope you like this new feature and you hopefully I’ll get round to doing another one before long!

Photos credited to www.expatmakeupaddict