How To Survive The Daily Commute

How to survive the daily train commute

Doing a long commute on the train everyday is never going to be the most enjoyable part of your working day but at this time of year it’s even worse – from waiting on a freezing platform in -5 degrees to being crammed next to people who sneeze and cough all over you, it can be pretty grim. Luckily I don’t have to do the commute to London daily but I do usually do it about weekly and that’s enough for me! My train journey is about 40 minutes long and then I have to face a tube or two to get to my final destination, I also have to put up with Southern Trains so I’m definitely an experienced commuter. Enough said – damn you Southern!

Through my years of commuting to London I have picked up a few ways on how to make the commute that little bit easier, so I’ve put together a list on how to survive the daily commute:

Battery charger 

Whether you’re typing up emails, stalking someone on Facebook or lusting after a ridiculously over priced cushion on Pinterest, all that usage takes it’s toll on your phone battery – especially if you are an iPhone user like me, so I recommend investing in a good portable phone charger. I have this Anker phone charger which I picked up from Amazon and it’s saved me so many times from boredom when I have train delays and I use my my phone a lot more. I have an iPhone 6S and it does about two full charges at least, which is enough to get me through the day. It’s small enough that I can fit it in my handbag and only costs £12 – an absolute must for any commuter!

Train commuting, sudio wireless headphones, starbucks coffee

Gimme All The Coffee

I literally can’t function without my daily morning coffee so it’s no surprise that it features on this list, but during the winter months it also doubles up as a hand warmer while I’m waiting for my train to arrive! Two birds with one stone and all that.

Antibacterial Gel 

It’s well known that at this time of year germs are flying around all over the place and all it takes is for someone to cough into their hand and then grab the hand rail, then before you know it your’re suffering with the sniffles just in time for Christmas. To protect yourself from the risk of the germs make sure you always carry a small bottle of antibacterial gel and use it as soon as you get off the train/ tube.

Sudio wireless headphones in pink, perfect for commuting


How do you drown out the noise of a screaming child or the man next to you who is snoring (I always seem to get this!)……? With headphones of course, and the Sudio wireless headphones have been my savior on many train journeys. You’ve probably seen these headphones crop up all over Instagram recently and there is a reason they’re becoming so popular – These elegant wireless headphones not only look the part but give you 8 hours of exceptional wireless sound all of which can be controlled by your phone using Bluetooth.

I love these wireless headphones so much that Sudio have kindly given me a 15% discount code* to share with you all which is valid across the whole Sudio range. Just use the code “DEVOTEDTOPINK” at the checkout to receive the discount and it’s free shipping – they would make the perfect Christmas gift for any commuter in your life!

Choose Your Seat Wisely

Picking what train seat to sit in can be an absolute mind field as there are so many options to take into consideration, but here are some of the things that I aim for when looking for a seat.

  • Pick a carriage up front as it’s then closer to the exit when you leave and you won’t get caught in the flow of people leaving the train. 
  • Stay away from any seats near the toilets – I don’t think I need to explain this one.
  • Try and sit near an exit. This does sometimes mean you have to contend with luggage but it also means its easier to shoot out that door when you arrive.
  • If the train is busy and all the free seats are next to someone else I always try and pick one next to an older lady  – Through all my years of traveling I have never had any issues with old ladies on trains. They are always very sweet and generally quite quiet. Perfect passenger buddies. 


You’re standing on the train station platform at 7:00 am and it’s below freezing, then you jump on the train and its pumped full of hot hair. As much as I love the heating on trains its not great if you are wearing a huge thick jumper as you’re going to burn up pretty quickly. It’s all about wearing thin layers that you can easily take on and off when you’re commuting.

Werk, werk, werk 

Don’t waste your journey just sitting on the train – use it to get a head start on work that day. It could help make the rest of it a lot less stressful. It’s also a good way to get out of conversation with the annoyingly chatty guy next to you!

Cosmopolitan magazine while commuting


Although I’m usually working on my phone and sending emails while i’m on the train I do also try and mix that with some time reading a magazine so I can switch off for 10 minutes or so. My life is so hectic that it’s good to have some head space now and again and I find reading a magazine an easy read which really helps.

Sudio Pink wireless headphones

Do you have any tips on how you survive the daily commute?

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