I’ve Gone For The Lob!

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As someone who has had long hair pretty much my whole life I’ve done something that I never thought you’d hear me say…….  I’ve cut my hair off and gone for the long bob – otherwise known as the Lob! Eekkk!!!

I’ve mentioned how thin my hair is before. Let’s correct that… I moan about how thin and fine my hair is a lot and the longer it gets the more split ends I have and thinner it gets…… It’s a viscous circle, but I just love long hair and for years I have been so resentful against getting it cut. Anyway, I don’t  know what came over me but I finally came to my senses and realised that I’m only going to get thicker looking hair by chopping all the spit ends off, and healthier shorter hair will look much nicer than long scraggly hair any day.

My hair before the LOB

I visited Rush in East Grinstead, West Sussex which is a new salon that only opened a month ago. I thought if I was getting a new do I might as well try a new salon too!

The new RUSH hair salon East Grinstead, West Sussex

The new RUSH salon East Grinstead, West Sussex, interior

The new RUSH salon East Grinstead, West Sussex

You’ve probably all heard of Rush as they are a nationwide brand with over 70 salons across the UK. As a company they have won over 14 prestigious British Hairdressing Awards and have an incredible artistic team who have cropped the locks of a long list of celebrities.

I was looked after by Jess who is one of the franchisee owners of the Rush East Grinstead salon. For me it’s important that I feel at ease with a hairdresser as its a big commitment to put your hair in the hands of someone you haven’t used before, especially when you are going for a big change, but Jess was so friendly that I immediately felt relaxed.

Jess applied the bleach to my scalp and while it was left on I was free to browse the magazines –  or in my case get on my phone and carry on working – no rest for the wicked hey! She brought me a large filter coffee which was totally needed after a late night and served it with a small biscuit and a Lindt chocolate ball – errr!! My favourite chocolate EVER!!! So, I was very happy!

After the bleach, came the toner and then it was washed off and Jess gave me the most amazing head massage – she has the touch! I’ve said this before but I love it when the hairdresser who is styling your hair also washes it as you really feel looked after. Following the wash came the cut!! I can’t believe how much much hair I actually lost but you can see in these photos just how much was taken off.

Blonde LOB with waves

Before and after my LOB, blonde platinum hair

My hair now looks so much healthier but more importantly thicker, which is what I’m always striving to achieve – I’m so happy with it! Thanks Jess! 

Rush East Grinstead currently have 50% off using code “RUSH50” if you book online here.

What do you think of my LOB?

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