MAC Mariah Carey MCizzle Lipstick & Touch My Body Powder Review & Swatches

MAC Mariah Carey MCizzle Lipstick & Touch My Body Powder Review & Swatches

I think we all know that I love my sparkle, glitter and bling so when I saw the packaging of the new MAC collaboration with Mariah Carey I knew I had to have some……

The day the collection launched I was so busy with work I didn’t actually get chance to go online and take a look at what was available until very late evening. By then the majority of items had sold out including the one lipstick I wanted. I’d already set my heart on getting something, so in typical Leah style I bought the lipstick in shade MCizzle which I didn’t really want, but I just had to have something! Come on, we’ve all been there… haven’t we? If I’m honest the collection as a whole didn’t really jump out to me, but I was willing to spend my hard earned cash for the packaging alone as it’s just oh so beautiful!

By the time the lipstick arrived I had seen so many positive reviews about the Touch My Body powder I was gutted that I didn’t manage to get my hands on it. Turns out this is the one product that sold out first pretty much everywhere and as this collection is a limited edition, once it’s gone, it’s gone. After tweeting my desire for the powder and begging on Snapchat and Insta Stories for people to help me, I was inundated with tweets, DM’s and snaps with suggestions on how to get it. I had bloggers hunting round shops looking for me, asking friends, ringing stores. I really feel like I had the whole blogging community was rooting for me to get this powder, so I can’t thank you all enough! Eventually one of my lovely followers on Instagram; Sarah came up trumps! She knew how much I wanted the Touch My Body powder and had seen someone selling theirs, so she quickly bought it hoping that I still wanted it, which of course I did! So thanks again to everyone that helped me – I couldn’t have done it without you and especially to Sarah!

So now lets get on to what I think about these products…….

MAC Mariah Carey MCizzle Lipstick Review & Swatches

MAC Mariah Carey MCizzle Lipstick Review & Swatches

MAC Mariah Carey MCizzle Lipstick swatch
MAC Mariah Carey MCizzle lipstick swatch

MAC Mariah Carey MCizzle Lipstick

I’ve long been a fan of MAC lipsticks and own so many nude MAC lipsticks that I really didn’t think I needed to add another one to my stash. Like I say I didn’t really like MCizzle when I saw it online as I thought it was going to be far too pale as there were hardly any swatches for me to look at. However, once it arrived I was pleasantly surprised as it had a lot more colour to it than I originally anticipated.

As you can see from these photos the packaging is to die for with a silver glittery casing which is smooth to touch. Inside the lipstick is housed in a soft gold holder and the lipstick has Mariah’s trademark butterfly imprinted on it. I just want to look at it…. a lot!

MCizzle has a cremesheen finish which is one of my favourite MAC formulas as they are so creamy, last well and not at all drying. The colour is a pale peachy/ pink nude and although it doesn’t show it here on the swatch on my arm (as I’m super pale), it is paler than the natural colour of my lips but I surprisingly love it! It makes my lips a lot more nude in colour, rather than pink, which is perfect for a natural day time look. I think this lipstick will get worn a lot when I attend meetings and don’t want anything too bold.

MAC Mariah Carey Touch My Body Powder Review & Swatches

MAC Mariah Carey Touch My Body Powder Review & Swatches

MAC Mariah Carey Touch My Body Powder Swatches
MAC Mariah Carey Touch My Body Loose Powder swatches

MAC Mariah Carey Touch My Body Loose Powder

Touch My Body is a loose powder which is dispensed through tiny holes and is meant to add glow and sparkle to the body. It’s a warm gold/ copper toned powder with lots of added glitter. It can be applied with a brush or the powder puff that is supplied inside the round box.

The packaging is stunning. A gold tub which the powders sits inside, with a gorgeous silver glittery lid that matches the rest of the collection.

You can see from the swatch that it’s very pigmented (left swatch), but it can be blended out/ applied lightly to create a much more subtle finish (right swatch).

If worn alone on the skin the powder is easily transferable to clothes (as you might expect from powder) so I like to mix it with some moisturiser and then apply, to give it longer staying power. You only need the tiniest amount and as it’s so pigmented it creates a very subtle tan effect – perfect for us pale girls! The powder would also make a great face highlighter on darker skin tones. As I am so pale I can’t really wear anything quite so coppery as it looks like a have a streak of orange across my face, but I think it would look stunning on darker skin tones.

This isn’t something I would wear every day but I think it’s great for nights out, parties and on holiday when you want that extra glow.

MAC Mariah Carey MCizzle Lipstick & Touch My Body Powder Review & Swatches

Did you manage to get anything from the MAC Mariah Carey collection?