I’m A Blogger Who Hates Writing

I'm A Blogger Who Hates Writing, notepad, pen

Ok, so hate is a very strong word and I probably don’t hate it but I really dislike it and I needed an attention grabbing headline so here we are…..

A lot of people will perhaps think it’s strange that I don’t like writing because, well, I’m a Blogger! Bit weird right….? You’re probably thinking “Why on earth are you a blogger then, as that’s what bloggers do!?” I’ve probably committed major blasphemy saying this but hear me out…… Despite getting an ‘A’ for GCSE English I’ve never liked writing. It’s the part of blogging which I always try and put off doing until I really have to. I’d rather schedule tweets than write so that tells you something!

Although I would classify myself as creative in some areas (I love to draw and paint) I certainly wouldn’t classify myself at all creative when it comes to writing. In fact I think I’m pretty god damn awful at it, hence why I dislike it so much. No one ever really likes doing things they are’t very good at, do they? Writing doesn’t come naturally to me which is why I write as I talk. I don’t try and make it sound fancy with big words and metaphors – I wish I could, but it’s just not in me, my brain doesn’t function that way. I would love to be a wordsmith, I think it’s a brilliant talent to have. To be able to take people places with your words, to tell stories that capture and inspire others, that makes them hang on to every last word you say. It’s beautiful. It’s a talent I have never had and never will do sadly. I have so many thoughts in my head I want to say but I just don’t know how to articulate them well enough on paper to get my message across, so I’m quite often left feeling frustrated and annoyed with myself.

I'm A Blogger Who Hates Writing, frustrated writer

Blogging originally started out as a personal diary online. It wasn’t coupled with fancy photography or social media, it was all about the writing. That’s why people read it, and to this day it is still a very large part of what bloggers do. I would never have wanted to start a blog if was still as it was in it’s originally form. Luckily it isn’t. Blogging has evolved so much over the years that it is no longer just about the writing. Moving on to 2017 and not only do we have to write (or should I say type!) but as bloggers we also have to:

  • Run countless social media accounts 
  • Produce quality photography
  • Edit photographs
  • Negotiate collaborations with brands
  • Attend events
  • Network with other bloggers and brands
  • Keep on top of emerging digital and social trends

Blogging incorporates such a huge array of activities that of all my time “blogging” I’m probably only spending c. 20% of that time actually writing. The rest of the time I spending doing all the other elements we have to do in order to be a successful blogger.

As much as I dislike writing I love all the other aspects of blogging. I love, love, love photography and since I got my new camera I have found a huge passion for it. I love thinking of new content ideas for my blog and I love using social media to connect with like minded people. I’m also a bit of a geek, and I really enjoy studying Google Analytics to work out how to improve my blog based on the stats.

I'm A Blogger Who Hates Writing

I like to think of it similar to pop music… Some of the most successful pop bands in history haven’t been the best singers in the world. Take the Spice Girls for example (I love them FYI), they had huge world wide success and earned millions of pounds but were never known as having the best singing voices in the charts. What they lacked in singing they certainly made up for it in other areas and had plenty of other talents that skyrocketed them to the top – they had a brilliant image, they filled an empty gap (at that point) in the market, they had bundles of passion and were ultimately fantastic performers.

So I don’t think it really matters that I don’t like writing or that I’m not very good at it, because I love everything else that blogging encompasses – and hopefully I’m a little bit better at them than I am at writing!

Thank you to you all for continuing to read my terrible ramblings…. I unfortunately won’t get any better but I’m hoping you’re here for something else other than my writing skills. Much love….

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