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It’s been a good 7 weeks since my last Blog in the Spotlight feature so I thought it was about time I did another one…..

This time it’s Kirsty from Life in Excess turn to be featured. I originally followed Kirsty on Snapchat which is how I got to know and love her, but I now follow, or should I say stalk her everywhere….

Kirsty is a northern expat living in Abu Dhabi with her husband and adorable little Shih Tzu dog Daisy. Her blog is a good mix of beauty and lifestyle posts, all of which include a fair amount of sarcasm which is my favourite type of humor – a girl after my own heart.

The reason I’ve picked Kirsty as my second Blog in the Spotlight is because I love her content on all her channels which is rare for me. Her blog posts are full of funny tales, insight into her life and lots of glamour. Her photography is absolutely awesome so I can scroll through her Instagram feed for way longer than anyone should, plus she is hilarious on Snapchat. She comes across as very real and down to earth – another blogger than I want to meet!

Kirsty at Life In Excess

As you know I’ve mentioned what I crap writer I am, and it’s when I read Kirsty’s blog that I feel even more shit about mine as I love her style of writing! If writing envy is a thing, I have it with her!

Here are a few of my favourite posts of Kirsty’s:

Facebook Lies
The Christmas Jumper
The Body Shop Lightening Shade Adjust Drops 
Whats in my Z palette
My Husbands take on fashion & beauty trends

She also does a funny series of posts called “Shit my husband says” which is a must read!!

Kirsty at Life In Excess

Kirsty is a self confessed shopaholic like me and is regularly buying new beauty and makeup bits that she will show on Snapchat and her blog –  which does not help if you are on a spending ban like I am right now. I am warning you now!

Oh, and have a mentioned that she is drop dead gorgeous…? Well if you take a look at her Insta you will see that for yourself, but I wanted to mention it anyway…..

This girl is not only a talented writer and photographer but is also so lovely….. I know, not fair right!? 😉

Kirsty deserves way more followers than she has so I hope after reading this you all go follow her!

Twitter: @Lifeinexcess
Snapchat: @life-inexcess

As always, thanks for reading 🙂

All pics are credited to Kirsty at Life in Excess.

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