How Bloggers Can Make The World A Better Place

How Bloggers can make the world a better place

Like most, when I started my blog two years ago I never thought anyone was going to actually read it. The thought of one or two people possibly reading it was incredibly exciting. I originally created Devoted To Pink so I could talk about what beauty and fashion bits I had been purchasing and whether they were worth investing your hard earned cash on. That was the extent of what I wanted to write about back then.

For years prior to that I had always read blogs to find out the “truth” about a product before I bought it. I had worked in media and advertising for years so I knew to take what the glossy magazines said with a pinch of salt. It was commonplace that the products they wrote about were because they had just been taken for a swanky lunch to The Ivy by the brand, or  it was part of a bigger commercial picture…. Blogs however all those years ago were sources of uncut trustworthy content that I could believe. No bribes, no payment, no swanky lunches. Just 100% the truth. This isn’t necessarily the case now but that’s a whole other blog post so I’m not going to go into right now……

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My feelings and approach to blogging have changed a lot in the past 2 years, but I’ve somehow got to a point where I have more than 2 readers – Hooray! In fact, I have thousands of you every month, plus a have a good handful on social channels too. I couldn’t be more chuffed that people enjoy the content that I take hours to put together and it brings me a lot of enjoyment.

I remember the first time someone tweeted me and told me they had bought a MAC lipstick because of my blog post. I was in total shock. Of course I wanted to help people with their buying decisions – that is what I was here to do, but I never dreamed that it would actually happen! Fast forward to today and I lose count of how many people every week tell me they have purchased an item that I have recommended or worn. I hope this isn’t coming across as bragging, but the point I’m trying to make is that I have a voice and it’s being heard…… 10 years ago this would never have happened…. If I liked a foundation I could only tell a few of my friends and that was it…… Now I can tell thousands of you and people can hear me. For me that is just mind blowing.

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This got me thinking. Having a platform where I can voice my opinions is incredibly powerful and it shouldn’t take for granted, and as bloggers, we all have this. I’ve said on this blog not so long ago that I just wanted to blog about beauty and fashion and that’s it…. Well my feelings have changed somewhat and you may have noticed over the past month or so that there has been small changes to my content (like this post for example). I’ve decided I want to use my blog and social channels as a vehicle to talk about things that I care about and I have passion for.

Don’t get me wrong you are still going to hear about my latest lipstick and handbag purchases as I am passionate about them too, but I’ve sat down and I’ve had a think about what I want to be known for and how I can help others with this blog….. with this voice……. and so far here are my thoughts:

  • Empower women and the #GirlBoss generation.
  • I want every girl to aim high, dream big and know that it doesn’t matter where you are in life now, or what’s happened in your past you can still change your future.
  • Champion the 30+ year old bloggers and highlight the value of what we have to offer.

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This doesn’t mean every blog post I write is going to be about girl power, but maybe I’ll encourage it through showing snippets of my life on Instastories, maybe I’ll write some more career related posts or maybe it’s just small things like showing that working your butt off means you can buy that dream handbag you’ve had your eye on…..Who knows….

Now I urge you to think about what you want to have a voice on –  be that politics, mental health, feminism, whatever it is, and remember whether you have 2 followers or 200,000 followers you are being heard and that is a power that should never be taken lightly. However small, you really can help make the world a better place.


What’s important to you? What do you want to have your voice heard on?

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