Blog In The Spotlight – Love, Laughs, Lipstick

Blog In The Spotlight - Love, Laughs, Lipstick

Hey everyone and welcome back to another one of my Blog in the spotlight features. A place where I can share my love for fellow bloggers and hopefully give you another fab blogger to follow.

This edition of Blog in the spotlight is focussing on Nikki from Love, Laughs, Lipstick.

I feel like I’ve followed Nikki forever, so I’d hazard a guess that she has been blogging for a similar amount as time as me. I initially followed her on Twitter/ read her blog and then on to Snapchat and Instagram.

Nikki is one of the reasons I’m so sad I left Snapchat as I used to love listening to her – there is one word to describe Nikki and it’s HILARIOUS! With her northern accent, witty and sarcastic remarks she is always cracking me up. She also has that magic ability to not only be funny in person when talking on Snapchat, but it also comes through in her writing on her blog, and in her tweets.

I feel like she would be a brilliant comedian and although I don’t know her personally (as in we have never met), I reckon she would be the one in her friendship group cracking everyone up with her one liners.

Take a read of of her “Get to know me, A-Z tag” as it will give you a good idea of her personality.

Blog In The Spotlight - Love, Laughs, Lipstick

Nikki is predominantly a beauty blogger but her fave series of mine wasn’t about beauty at all. It was called “Expectation vs reality” and it involved her showing a photo of an item she had bought online and the photos of what she expected to look like. Versus when it arrived what it actually looked like in real life. My fav one was on a white playsuit that she bought for 99p – I was in stitches reading it! She hasn’t wrote a post in this series for a while, but I hope she brings it back!

Nikki’s photography just gets better and better. Her Instagram account is gorgeous, full of so much beauty/ makeup and includes lots of well placed flowers and petals that I can never seem to master in a flat lay!

Blog In The Spotlight - Love, Laughs, Lipstick

Oh, and not that this should make a difference as to if you follow her or not, but Nikki is also totally gorgeous – she has dream mermaid hair which I always lust after. She doesn’t show herself that much on her Instagram, but she should – as she is beautiful and I just love to oggle at beautiful people 🙂

If you like to fill your life with all the LOLs, one liners and banter you need to make sure you follow Nikki!! You can follow here here:

Twitter: @love_lippy
Instagram: @lovelaughslipstick 

Photo credit: All Love, Laughs, Lipstick

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