Hayo’u Face & Body Oil

Hayo'u Face and Body Oil

As an oily skinned gal I never thought I’d be saying this, but I LOVE oils… They are my new thing, and if you haven’t tried oils then let me tell you, you’re missing out!

I always used to think that oils equals grease, which equals spots and makeup that will slip off my face. Well  if you use the correct oil for your skin type this is not the case and oils are now well and truly part of my skincare routine.

I’m now a regular user of oil cleansers, facial oils and body oils and recently I have been trialing a brand that is new to me: Hayo’u – I’m so pleased I’m not introducing this to on YouTube as I have no idea if I’m pronouncing it correctly!

Hayo'u treat-rite de=stress facial oil

Hayo’u Treat-rite De-stress Facial Oil

The Hayo’u facial oil is contained within a small glass jar and the lid has a pipette so you can easily get the oil out. It’s naturally yellow in colour and smells divine. The smell reminds me of aromatherapy oils that are used when you have a massage, so it’s a very relaxing scent.

The oil immediately plumped and hydrated my face and didn’t irritate it at all. Although Hayo’u do recommend that if you have rosacea or very sensitive skin that you do a patch test before using it.

I’ve been using a moisturiser recently that wasn’t hydrating enough and my skin would feel tight after using it, so I’ve been using this oil before my moisturiser and as it’s so hydrating I’m now managing to use the moisturiser with no issues.

Hayo’u oil is made up of many oils including lavender, palmarosa, frankincense and camellia which together have many health benefits to help with scarring, acne, stress and are anti-aging.

The Hayo’u facial oil costs £33.00 which isn’t cheap but for that you get 30ml which is a fairly good size compared to most other facial oils I’ve tried.

Hayo'u treat-rite de-stress body oil

Hayo’u Treat-rite De-stress Body Oil

The Hayo’u body oil comes in a glass jar with a screw cap lid. The oil can then be poured out into your hand and applied to your body. I would have preferred a pipette style lid (like the facial oil has) as not only am I clumsy and likely to spill it over and all the oil will come out,  but the pouring method means you very easily pour too much out so you get a lot of wastage.

The scent of the oil is lovely and you can definitely smell the lemongrass and frankincense in it.

The Hayo’u oil is meant to be used as a self massage treatment oil to deeply nourish and de-stress the skin. However I use it more as a moisturising product after the shower.

Although the oil applies beautifully and does leave my skin feeling soft it unfortunately takes too long to soak into my skin so you have to wait agrees before you can get dressed, otherwise you’d get oil on your clothes. So although I like the moisturising benefits of this oil I would rather it be a dry oil so it soaks in quicker.

Both these Hayo’u products have been designed to be used with either the beauty restorer or body restorer to help relieve stress. I haven’t tried either restorers but you can read more about their benefits and the Hayo’u method here.

Have you tried any Hayo’u oils?



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